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Welcome to Tony Smith’s website, home of the definitive Central Council method collections. The Central Council Methods Committee website is at Follow me on Twitter Follow @smith_a_p for news of latest updates. The collections are available in different formats, so take a moment to decide which one you need. Blocks now included in all collection formats except XML (which is waiting for an update to the specification and schema).

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Central Council, The Ringing World, The Ringing Foundation and the Winchester & Portsmouth DG

This site incorporates information published in The Ringing World up to and including the issue dated 29th April 2016 (added A Midsummer Night’s Dream Delight Minor, Chelonium Surprise Major, Elizabeth of York Little Alliance Royal, Johnston Alliance Major, Louise’s Birthday Little Bob Major, Sir Nicholas Winton Delight Minor, St George’s Alliance Major, Upton Castle Surprise Major, Windsor Little Alliance Royal and Wolborough Delight Major; updated Broughton Castle Surprise Major, Comparative Surprise Royal, Fishwick Bob Major, Gainsborough Surprise Major, Hangingwater Delight Royal, Nailstone Surprise Major, ’ogwash Delight Minor and Staunton on Arrow Surprise Minor).

This page is maintained by Tony Smith Follow @smith_a_p 29th April 2016

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