Dear Sir,- With reference to the question raised by the representative of the Bedfordshire Association at the Central Council meeting regarding the number of peals credited to his society in the analysis, we have gone carefully into the matter and find that only 27 peals appeared in ‘The Ringing World’ under the Bedfordshire Association, and not 28 as stated at the meeting. A peal of Minor rung at Sandy on November 2nd, 1929, which appears in the Bedfordshire report, was published in ‘The Ringing World,’ No. 972, November 8th, page 709, under the Ely Diocesan Guild and Beds Association, and was therefore credited to the former society in the analysis.

A slight error occurred in printing the analysis, whereby two peals of Double Oxford were printed on wrong lines. The peal credited to the Bath and Wells should go to the Bedfordshire Association, and the one to the Cambridge University Guild to the Chester Diocesan Guild. This does not, however, affect the totals.- Yours faithfully, on behalf of the Analysis Committee,


The Ringing World, July 4th, 1930, page 430