Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Annual Report for 2017

  1. The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (“the Council”) was founded in 1891 and is a registered charity, no. 270036. Its address is that of its Honorary Secretary for the time being, namely 11 Bullfields, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 9DB. The constitution and conduct of the Council is governed by its Rules.

  2. The Council’s Trustees during 2017 were as follows:

    until 29 May
    PresidentMr C F Mew
    Vice-PresidentDr C D O’Mahony
    Hon SecretaryMrs M Bone
    Hon Assistant SecretaryMrs C N J Franklin
    Hon TreasurerMr A C Taylor
    from 29 May
    PresidentDr C D O’Mahony
    Vice-PresidentMr D Kirkcaldy
    Hon SecretaryMrs M Bone
    Hon Assistant SecretaryMrs C N J Franklin
    Hon TreasurerMr A G Smith
  3. The Council’s bankers are Lloyds Bank plc, Butler Place Branch, 1 Butler Place, Westminster, London, SW1H 0PR. Its Independent Examiners are Mr J D Cheesman and Mrs W E Godden.

  4. At the close of the Annual General Meeting on 29 May 2017 the Council’s membership comprised 7 Life Members, 4 Additional Members, 6 Ex-officio Members and 188 Representative Members representing 66 affiliated societies. Since then two Additional Members have retired and three Additional Members who were elected or re-elected at that meeting took office; six Representative Members resigned and five of these vacancies were filled, in one case by an Additional Member; three further vacancies were filled and one person ceased to be an Ex-officio Member. Special mention should be made of the resignation of Ian Oram (Kent County Assn 1960-78; SRCY 1978-2018; Hon Secretary 2001-09). During that annual meeting the Council received the report of the working party established in 2016 to review its rules and activities (Council Review Action Group) and approved its proposals. The Terms of Reference of one committee were amended. The President convened a group during the year to prepare new Rules and governing documents for the Council. Subject to any further changes, at the start of the 2018 Council meeting there will be 7 Life Members, 4 Additional Members, 5 Ex-officio Members and 190 Representative Members representing 66 affiliated societies. There are 10 other vacancies.

  5. The Object of the Council is to promote and foster the ringing of bells for Christian prayer, worship and celebration and in furtherance thereof:

    (i) To promote awareness of and educate the general public in the ringing of church bells and the art of change ringing;

    (ii) To make available advice, assistance and information to church authorities, ringers and ringing societies and to promote good practice on all matters concerned with bells and bell ringing;

    (iii) To encourage development of the art of ringing through innovation;

    (iv) To bring together ringers to discuss matters of common interest and to represent ringers both nationally and internationally;

    (v) To encourage high standards of performance in ringing;

    (vi) To recommend technical standards in change ringing and maintain such records as may be necessary to uphold these standards;

    (vii) To assist in the provision, restoration, maintenance and transfer of church bells.

  6. The work of the Council in pursuing this object is for the most part carried out by its sixteen committees and by working groups appointed by them. Summaries of their activities during 2017 are given in the committee reports, which appear elsewhere on the Council’s agenda.

  7. The public benefits from the following areas of activity of the Council:

    (i) the promotion of public worship by the ringing of church bells;

    (ii) the preservation of the tradition and heritage of change ringing;

    (iii) the encouragement and promotion of high standards of ringing;

    (iv) the provision of financial and specialist knowledge in the support of belfry repairs and maintenance;

    (v) the provision of guidance and specialist knowledge with regard to health and safety, safeguarding, noise control, data protection, fire risk assessment and insurance matters, as they relate to ringers and ringing;

    (vi) the preparation and publication of educational and training materials.

  8. The Accounts for 2017 show total funds at the year end of £409,093 of which £241,793 is in restricted funds. Income for the year totalled £42,125 (including a ‘one off’ legacy of £10,065) compared with £29,151 in 2016. The costs of the 2017 Council Meeting at £2,159 were higher than the previous year (2016 £1,829). We paid the full cost of The Ringing World supplement of £2,431 (2016 £2,191). Council Review and Action Group expenditure was £2,285 (2016 £1,052).

    The 2017 figures include further donations for the Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand, bells restoration and the Kilifi project.

    The Trustees have the power to invest money and adopt such measures as seem to them necessary in the interest of the Council. They do not have any power to borrow money.

  9. It is confirmed that the Council’s assets, together with the expected income for 2018, are available and are likely to be adequate to fulfil the objects of the Council in that year.

  10. Reserves policy:

    (i) General Fund - the balance on the General Fund is invested to produce income which, together with member societies’ affiliation fees, provides sufficient funds to support the work and activities of the Council. The balance also facilitates cash flow and enables the development of new projects and initiatives.

    (ii) Education Courses - the balance provides cash flow to enable the Education Committee to run various training courses, in general the costs are recouped from attendees.

    (iii) Bell Restoration Fund - the balance is fully allocated to bell restoration projects and paid on satisfactory completion of the work. Grants are made in proportion to the types of applications received and in accordance with priorities agreed by the Council and reviewed annually.

    (iv) Fred Dukes International Bell Fund - Grants from the Fred Dukes International Bell Fund are made in accordance with the terms of Mr Dukes’ legacy. Grants are awarded from the interest on the legacy and reviewed annually.

    (v) Publications Fund - the balance represents the stock of publications held and a cash balance to facilitate the production of new titles and the reprinting of existing publications.

    (vi) Library Fund - the balance represents the value of the library, which is maintained for use by council members and affiliated societies.

  11. Funds are invested in low risk investments and bank accounts. The need for regular income from investments is considered important to support the work of the Council.

  12. No significant fund-raising activity has been carried out during the year.

  13. The Council had no employees during the year. All of its work is carried out on a voluntary basis.

Honorary Secretary

April 2018

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Notes to the accounts for the year ended 31 December 2017

1. Basis of accounting

The accounts have been prepared under the historic cost convention and in accordance with applicable accounting standards and the Statement of Recommended Practice on Accounting by Charities.

2. Accounting policies

The accounts have been drawn up in accordance with the going concern, accruals, consistency and prudence concepts.

3. Consistency

The accounts are prepared on a consistent basis with the previous year and in accordance with the accounting policies.

4. Funds

The General Fund is unrestricted and includes designated funds raised and held for a particular purpose.

The Education Courses Fund and Publications Fund are unrestricted designated funds.

The Bell Restoration Fund, the Fred Dukes International Bell Fund and the Library Fund are maintained for restricted purposes.

5. Transfers between funds

No amounts have been transferred between funds.

6. Tangible assets and intangible assets

The major tangible assets of the Council are the Investments in National Savings Income Bonds and the Library Collection. The Library Collection is valued at a replacement cost of £95,000. The revaluation was undertaken by Roger Barnes of Church Green Books as at 31 December 2014. The policy is to revalue the collection every five years. It is being depreciated for accounting purposes at 2% on the reducing balance per annum. An asset register is maintained for other tangible assets. The policy is to treat assets of an individual cost up to £1,000 as fully depreciated in the year of purchase.

The major intangible asset of the Council is the copyright of Dove’s Guide.

7. Interest receivable

The interest was received from:

National Savings Investment Bonds2,2232,790
Central Board of Finance of the Church of England Deposit41181


8. Donations and grants received

9. Committee expenses

These were as follows:

Bell Restoration209237
Information and Communications2801,239
Peal Records--
Public Relations578578
Public Relations - donations for leaflets(709)(743)
Redundant Bells4489
Ringing Centres262121
Ringing Trends--
Towers and Belfries474243
Tower Stewardship67-
Carter Ringing Machine Steward275101
Roll of Honour Steward--
Dove Steward--


10. Grants paid

During the year, the Fred Dukes International Bell Fund awarded one grant totalling £900. No grants were paid.

Year awardedUnpaid brought forwardAwarded in 2017Paid in 2017Withdrawn in 2017Unpaid carried forward


During the year, the Bell Restoration Fund awarded thirty one grants. Ten grants were paid.

Unpaid brought forwardAwarded in 2017Paid in 2017Withdrawn in 2017Unpaid carried forward


11. Charitable commitments

There were unfulfilled charitable commitments at 31st December 2017 in respect of four grants totalling £5,600 awarded but not yet paid by the Fred Dukes International Bell Fund, and thirty one grants of £26,675 awarded but not yet paid by the Bell Restoration Fund. There is also a charitable commitment to Christchurch Cathedral New Zealand bells restoration in respect of the balance of donations received but not yet paid amounting to £5,994 and, similarly, £356 in respect of Kilifi.

12. Publications fund

Storage and distribution cost of £2,500 was paid to a Council member.

13. Payments to trustees

There were no payments to Trustees.

14. Emoluments of employees

The Council had no employees during the year.


Registered Charity Number 270036


NoteGeneral FundEducation CoursesBell Restoration FundF Dukes Internat’l Bell FundPublications FundLibrary FundTotal Funds 2017Total Funds 2016
Income and Expenditure
Incoming Resources
Affiliation fees5,970-----5,9706,030
Worshipful Company of Founders-------1,000
Other income--------
Subscriptions from Friends of Library-----1,3691,3692,561
Interest receivable71,202-31672323262,2902,971
Sales of publications, books and CDs----17,2102,45219,66214,275
Sales of jigsaw puzzles and prints--314---314629
Sales of training video/dvd-------11
Sherbourne Teaching Aids--------
Courses and seminars--------
Stock written back----545-545454
Donations re Roll of Honour--------
Donations to Christchurch Cathedral, NZ8--500---500275
Donations to Kilifi, Kenya8--892---892370
Gift Aid--155--31947485
Grant from PRS Foundation--------
Library outreach day--------
Royalties re Three Rings-------8
Beverley & District for education-------409
Other donations810,065----4410,10973

Resources expended
Council meeting2,159-----2,1591,829
Ringing World supplement2,431-----2,4312,191
Committee expenses92,847---2451,0504,1423,789
Heywood Weekend-------122
PR Matters Day - net cost104-----104-
Central Council Review Action Group (CRAG)2,285-----2,2851,052
Regional seminars101-----101412
Council and other committee costs----172-17284
Courses and seminars--------
Recruitment leaflets698-----698-
Cost of publications sold----9,08394910,0327,549
Ringing World DVD expenses-------33
Cost of jigsaws--40---40180
Kilifi - cost of project8--3,145---3,145-
Library maintenance-----7457451,412
Equipment costs-----280280239
Grants for bell restoration10--13,800---13,80020,700
Storage and distribution12----2,500-2,5002,450
Stationery, postage and telephone36---96649781770
Stock written off and disposed of--------
Roll of Honour100-----10064
Revaluation cost--------
Library outreach day deficit-------1
Depreciation - Library Collection-----1,8351,8351,862
Depreciation - shelving-----106106106
PayPal charges----246-246111
Sundry expenses558-----558-

Net incoming/(outgoing) resources before transfers3,476- (14,808)7232,789(1,679)(9,499)(21,134)
Revaluation of Library Collection--------
Transfers between funds--------

Net movement in funds3,476-(14,808)7232,789(1,679)(9,499)(21,134)
Balances at 31 December 2016136,2902,16949,39580,85722,576127,305418,592439,726

Balances at 31 December 2017139,7662,16934,58781,58025,365125,626409,093418,592

The Notes to the Accounts appear on page 16


Registered Charity Number 270036


General FundEducation CoursesBell Restoration FundF Dukes Internat’l Bell FundPublicat- ions FundLibrary FundTotal Funds 2017Total Funds 2016
Fixed assets
Tangible assets
Investments at cost129,642-31,77780,581--242,000252,000
Library Collection-----89,40389,40391,238
Library shelving-----636636742

Total fixed assets129,642-31,77780,581-90,039332,039343,980
Current assets
Debtors and prepayments2,595-17758-6223,4524,745
Cash on short term deposit and at bank10,2422,1692,63394119,20630,82466,01561,940

Total current assets12,8372,1692,81099925,71135,78680,31277,750
Current liabilities
Creditors - amounts due within one year(2,713)---(346)(199)(3,258)(3,138)

Net current assets10,1242,1692,81099925,36535,58777,05474,612
Total assets less current liabilities139,7662,16934,58781,58025,365125,626409,093418,592
Unrestricted - designated4092,169--25,365-27,94325,154

Total funds139,7662,16934,58781,58025,365125,626409,093418,592

Report of the Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine Collection

Another very quiet year. We had only one request for a demonstration, this time at Taylor’s in Loughborough who had an open day in July. In preparation for this we had a brief maintenance session the preceding week, but the machine really needed more attention than time permitted and the demonstration was not very successful, though visitors were pleased to hear the bells being rung, even though the machine had a tendency to jam.

For this year we have already had one demonstration, at the Henry Johnson Anniversary Feast in Birmingham. For this we had the machine home for a more detailed overhaul. The jamming problem was resolved, and although there is a minor problem which does result in the method drifting away at times, it was able to run several plain courses of Stedman Cinques for the attendees. We hope to be able to resolve the outstanding problem before the demonstrations planned for Lancaster in May.


Report of the Steward of the Rolls of Honour

The original Great War Memorial Book and World War II Memorial Book are usually kept in their display case at St Paul’s Cathedral along with the new Great War Roll of Honour. However, all three books have been removed whilst the major bell restoration project is in progress. The display case is securely stored in another area of the Cathedral during this period. Once again, the Great War books had been out of the case for several months having been taken to Great War commemorations of ringers who died including the filming at the start of the “Ringing Remembers” campaign. The books are in good condition.

The original Great War Book records the names of 1207 fallen ringers. Research has continued to discover names of ringers who were not originally recorded; the new Great War Book records 176 names, 24 being added during the year. The writer of the new book, Tim Noad, continues to add these names. The WWII Book records 300 names.

During the past year extensive research has been carried out by David Willis of Braunton (and Central Council Biographies Committee) into newspaper archives which have revealed that there are many bell ringers who died during both the Great War and WWII whose names have not been previously remembered. I am currently researching these further with a view to having these included at a future date; this is likely to add well over 100 names to the Great War Roll and more than 30 names to the WWII Roll.

“Rolls of Honour” have continued to be published monthly in The Ringing World, and I am grateful to the Editor, Robert Lewis, Will Bosworth and compositor, Chris Caryer, for their help. I am very grateful for the huge amount of help with family history research from I have received from Yvonne Cairns of Jesmond, Kathryn Pearce of Bradoc, Beverly Faber of Stamford CT and David Willis of Braunton and acknowledge the assistance from Michael Day of Bath and David Underdown of Putney. These Rolls of Honour give details of the ringers who fell in the following month a century ago. All articles included many photographs of individuals, graves and memorials and were published as follows:

It is hoped these will continue over the coming months and right through to the last recorded ringer casualty who died on 12th March 1921 from wounds received in action. There have been other articles by local ringers concentrating on “their” ringer or ringers and I am very pleased to see this.

Contact has been made with all towers that the fallen ringers came from and I am very pleased to report that the majority have been commemorated with ringing on or close to the centenary anniversary of their death. You will have seen many of these on BellBoard and, of course, reported in The Ringing World. I am MOST grateful to all who support this ringing and to those Guilds and associations that coordinate these efforts. I am keeping a record of commemorative ringing that has been done which has ranged from tolling a single bell, a special touch on a practice night to quarter peals and peals.

In connection with the website, Doug Davis has been undertaking updates and corrections and Andrew Hall has enabled the links to the Commonwealth War Grave Commission website Cemetery details links to work once again - I am most grateful for their help. The website continues to generate a number of contacts and it is good that this information can be accurately and rapidly updated.

As always I am grateful to ringers and others for supplying information that enables us to remember those who gave their all.


Report of the Stewards of the Dove Database

2017 was probably the busiest year to date for the Dove Stewards. We made 893 updates to the information that we show against a “Dove entry” and 2111 updates to the information held in the prototype-National Bell Register (pNBR), the latter representing an 33% increase on the number of changes made during 2016.

The number of Dove entries, and the changes that occurred during this period, are summarised as follows.

As at 1 JanAs at 31 DecChangeAs at 1 JanAs at 31 DecChange

We list 9 rings for the first time (including Ypres, the first ring of bells in Belgium) but no longer list 4 others (namely Cleator Moor, Cumbria; Nairn, Druim Campanile, Scotland; Newton, Cambs; and Woolfardisworthy East, Devon). We have been notified of 10 augmentations, 1 reduction (namely Stanstead, Suffolk), 8 rings that are no longer unringable, and 14 rings that are now unringable.

We thank all who have notified us of changes; David Sloman is once again our leading contributor, having provided almost 50% of the pNBR updates.

We are pleased to report significant progress by Richard Smith and his team in developing a replacement solution for Dove using up-to-date technology. We expect the Dove website to be sharing a server with BellBoard in early 2018, after which focus will switch to developing a new Dove database.

We are delighted to welcome Doug Davis and Tim Pett as new Dove Stewards and wish them well in getting themselves up to speed as they prepare to take over from the existing stewards. We extend our grateful thanks to John Baldwin who has very kindly agreed to remain as Dove Master until the new Dove database has taken over from the existing one.

DOUG DAVIS (Dove Steward)
TIM JACKSON (Dove Steward)
TIM PETT (Dove Steward)
JOHN BALDWIN (Dove Master)

Administrative Committee

Since the 2017 Council meeting the Committee has met twice in London in October and March. Advance nominations for committees, agreed in 2016, were implemented for the 2017 meeting. Insufficient nominations were received for the elected positions on the Administrative Committee. Maureen Frost acted as chairman of and contact for Ringing Centres. Robert Wood, chairman of the Committee for Redundant Bells, resigned as a Council member in January 2018 and has not yet been replaced as chairman; Helen Webb has acted as the contact. Members were again updated on the recent annual conference and plans of the Association of Ringing Teachers. The Chairman of the Ringing World Ltd has reported on the future of the journal. The arrangements for the 2018 Council meeting, organised by a small working group with the active involvement of members of the Lancashire Association, were discussed and agreed. Those committee reports received in good time were circulated to the elected members of the Administrative Committee for advance review. Papers for the meeting will again be circulated electronically to those Council members with email (see below under Council Finances).

Reform of the Council: The Edinburgh meeting received the report of the Council Review Action Group and approved its proposals. During the year the President sought expressions of interest from Council members and other ringers to join a “shadow Executive”, to be appointed as workgroup “leads” and to join workgroups. A new structure, consisting of the Executive and workgroups, with the existing committees re-organised into these by subject, was prepared. An “Away Day” for the shadow Executive was held at Harrow in October to discuss strategy; a further meeting was held at Royston in March 2018. The President convened a small group to produce revised Rules (CRAG proposal F); another group was established to work on a descriptive framework for ringing (CRAG proposal H). The President has reported regularly on these initiatives by email to members and by articles in The Ringing World.

Other matters considered by the Committee included:

Council Finances: The General Fund for the current year (2017) and next year (2018) was reviewed at both meetings, considering income levels and planned expenditure. Committees prepared programmes of activity and expenditure plans to May 2018. If the new Rules are adopted the workgroups will be expected to prepare budgets for the remainder of the year as well as multi-year forward plans. In view of the continued deficit the Administrative Committee agreed that the papers for the annual meeting should not be produced as a supplement to The Ringing World but be circulated electronically with sufficient printed copies available at the meeting.

Church Buildings Council & Historic England: The regular meeting was held on 25 July. Sir Tony Baldry, Chair of CBC, had addressed the Open Meeting at the 2017 Council meeting and responded to questions from members. There was a useful exchange of views on diocesan strategic buildings reviews, changes to HLF places of worship grants and on bells in closed or closing churches. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17 July 2018. The 2017 DAC bell advisers’ conference was held in Lincoln in June; the 2018 conference will be held in Leicester on Friday 22 June.

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG): Council’s regular liaison with Ecclesiastical Insurance Group continues. Meetings are arranged through the Tower Stewardship Committee. In 2017 this took place on 13th April, and the 2018 meeting is scheduled for 27th April. The liaison meeting discusses items of mutual interest, including health & safety, risk assessment and mitigation, ringing-related insurance claims, elements of insurance cover and the like. This ongoing liaison provides an excellent channel for ensuring that bellringing continues to be a safe and enjoyable activity for all.

Ex officio:
DAVID KIRKCALDY (Vice-President and Towers & Belfries)
ANDREW SMITH (Treasurer)
MARY BONE (Secretary)
CAROL FRANKLIN (Assistant Secretary)
RICHARD ALLTON (Compositions & Peal Records)
ERNIE DE LEGH-RUNCIMAN (Tower Stewardship)
KATE FLAVELL (Public Relations)
MAUREEN FROST (Ringing Centres)
JOHN HARRISON (Biographies)
TIM HINE (Education)
NIGEL ORCHARD (The Ringing World)
DAVID RICHARDS (Information and Communications Technology)
HELEN WEBB (Redundant Bells)
PETER WILKINSON (Bell Restoration)
Elected members:

Public Relations Committee

We welcomed Mike Bale, Vicki Chapman, Neal Dodge and Sue Hall to the Committee in 2017 and are grateful to them for their contributions to our work. Michael Orme stood down from the Committee, but continues his valuable work for us liaising with the BBC, particularly about Bells on Sunday.

We generally aim to prioritise publicity for two major events each year, but it is often the unexpected and unplanned-for events that create the most work. In 2017 such events included an offer of help from the Government in recruiting new ringers to mark the centenary of the Armistice at the end of the First World War. This has resulted in our major ongoing project, Ringing Remembers, aiming to recruit 1400 new ringers by 11 November 2018 to remember and honour those who died in that war. Prior to this we put a lot of effort into focus groups and proposals for Armistice100, including liaison with another group asking for ringing to be linked to their “Battle’s Over” project. We were also involved with BBC Music Day on 15 June, with 280 towers around the world taking part. Our President talked to Simon Mayo on Radio 2 as well as teaching BBC 6 Music’s Sean Keaveny how to handle a bell, which led to a 15 minute feature on BBC 6 Music’s breakfast show. The BBC Director General also talked about ringing on Radio 2’s Steve Wright show.

logo logo

Planned Events for 2017

The two key events we focused on during 2017, apart from our successful PR Matters Conference in February and BBC Music Day, were Children in Need (17 November) and the Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary (20 November). Both events were very close together but both were very well marked by ringers everywhere with much local publicity.

Children in Need

We put a lot of effort into Children in Need, after meeting one of the BBC producers at our PR Matters Conference early in the year. The BBC led us to believe that they would be amenable to having the Charmborough Ring in the foyer of Broadcasting House on the day, that they would assist us in gaining significant local radio coverage, as well as other exposure, and that there was a possibility of at least a mention during the main evening programme itself. Unfortunately almost none of this actually happened in the end, but fortunately ringers are much more organised than the BBC and played a great rôle in ringing lots of Pudsey methods and raising money. Although it is hard to say with any accuracy we believe ringers will have raised in excess of £10,000. Also we have follow-up as Blue Peter might be interested in collaborating on something with the National Youth Competition this year, so we are liaising with both of them on this.


Queen’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary

We encouraged widespread ringing for the event, including an article in The Ringing World on learning appropriately named methods. We sent to The Palace a record of all 345 special performances (55 peals, 216 quarters and 74 other) involving around 2000 ringers.

More general projects
Completed and ongoing work:

The future

Several of our members have been working with the new Communications and Marketing Working Group to be created at the May meeting and our future work will be carried on in that forum.

BRUCE BUTLER (Secretary)
NEAL DODGE (co-opted)

International Reports

Australia and New Zealand

Our steady increase in both membership and towers continues. We have a pleasing number of new-tower projects at various stages of completion. Notable among the towers to start ringing during the past year is the Holy Family Church at Lindfield, in the northern part of Sydney. This is a light five (2-3-1). This new facility, together with the enormous enthusiasm of Fr Colin Blayney, the local priest who is also a ringer, has produced over 30 new ringers - mostly quite young and all highly motivated. I was very impressed at a recent service ring that Colin managed to keep ringing until 30 seconds before the service was due to start, and still had time to don his clerical attire and start the service on time. Such vitality and enthusiasm are catching!

We remain in a healthy position financially. Jenny Murphy’s bequest, and other donations and bequests that have followed, allow us to continue to assist both training events and hardware projects. New in the last twelve months have been 12-bell practices; this initiative of Jim Woolford is aimed at assisting those wishing to gain experience with 12 bells by gathering the more experienced 12-bell ringers from across ANZAB territory. The next of these is in Brisbane in March 2018.

We’ve seen a growth in the number of mini-rings too; in North Island of New Zealand there’s a new mini-ring in Hamilton and the 6 in Wellington has been augmented to an 8; in Australia, further mini-rings are expected soon in Melbourne (in time for the up-coming festival) and Brisbane. Adam Beer’s “alphabet” mini-ring has recently moved from Perth to the rural town of West Wyalong in NSW (as has Adam!) A number of ringers gathered there to ring in the New Year on the suitably-decorated mini-ring (see photo).

Adam Beer decorating the Alphabet mini-ring to see in the New Year

The ANZAB festival for 2018 is to be held in Melbourne from 8th to 11th June, but with some additional pre-festival ringing from 5th June. Please see our website https://anzab.org.au/ for more details and for on-line registration. We hope as usual to welcome a good number of overseas visitors.

ANZAB president.

Central European Association

The CEA is pleased to report that it has enjoyed a successful and active 2017. We have welcomed some new ringers to the Association - some are students studying in The Netherlands and others who are working in Europe. As a result our membership remains healthy.

The Association AGM weekend was held in May and was well attended by ringers from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK and Germany. Everyone enjoyed a few days of excellent ringing as well as enjoying the usual excellent Dordrecht hospitality including customary Port and ‘session wine’!! Several good peals of Surprise Major were rung during the course of the weekend and general practice ringing carried on well into the evening.

One of the highlights of the year was Thirza de Kok’s first peal at ’t Klockhuys in Dordrecht in November. Thirza learnt to ring at Dordrecht and she is also our youngest ringer. She has made fantastic progress and so for her first peal she requested something quite ambitious - 8 Spliced Surprise Major! She rang extremely well and the peal was duly scored - see photo below. We all congratulate her on her fantastic achievement. Here’s to the next one Thirza!

Thirza’s first peal. L-R Margaret Gamble, Paul de Kok, Nicola Bright, Martin Bright, Thirza de Kok, Clive Smith, Mike Trimm, Alan Regin

It has been very exciting to see the Ypres project develop and come to fruition. Several CEA members were present at the dedication ceremony in October and we look forward to more ringing at Ypres in the coming year.

Dordrecht continues to be a popular peal venue for visiting bands and ’t Klockhuys has been proud to host many visiting ringers from all over the UK who from all accounts have enjoyed the bells and hospitality in equal measures. Of course of special note was the successful attempt by one band to ring 9 peals in a single day in October. A spectacular feat!

If you are living in Europe and would like to get involved with the CEA then please make contact as below. We would be very pleased to hear from you.


South Africa

South Africa is still a target for visiting ringers and peal tours and most of them are willing to assist us in practising and ringing some of the more advanced skills that we no longer have a critical mass of ringers to achieve on our own. Bob Cater’s band rang the first quarter on the bells at St. Peter’s School in 2016, and Alan Regin’s team were permitted to ring the first peal on the bells at Fourways Gardens during February 2017. The latter band created some protest from local residents during their peal at Cape Town but, conversely, did enable our own Cameron Mitchell to score her first peal at Parktown. More recently, Janet Archibald from London brought a team of ringers to this country and they also scored several peals as well as joining Parktown ringers for a couple of practice nights.

We lost one member in 2017 due to a terminal illness, Nick Twynham, who had been a long-time member of both the Transvaal Society and the South African Guild. Nick usually attended AGMs at our various ringing centres and was well-known to most of our members, although his health problems prevented him playing a very active rôle in later years. His funeral was held at Parktown on 24th July, the bells being rung “open” in celebration of his life by request of Randa, his widow.

The SA Guild held its AGM at Cape Town Cathedral in December; Simon Milliken has been nominated as Master and Dick Holmes will take over as Treasurer, while Nola Mitchell remains as Secretary. The Guild’s website will be updated in due course.


North American Guild of Change Ringers

During 2017, the North American Guild of Change Ringers continued to grow and now has approximately 600 members. Although the new tower being built at Nashotah, in Wisconsin, has been put on hold, we are optimistic that it will be completed in 2018. A new handbell group was formed in White Haven, Florida and has already scored several quarter peals. Peal ringing continues to produce several new firsts including first as conductor. Visiting bands also rang a number of peals in 2017. A peal to mark the 50th anniversary of the first all American peal band was rung by the Whitechapel Guild, Washington, DC.

We were saddened by the death of Tom Miller, our long standing Membership Secretary, in March and he has been greatly missed. Paul Windels, one of our Founder Members, died on his way to ring for Kent School’s graduation.

Regular events on the calendar have continued to provide excellent ringing opportunities around the Guild, including celebrating the 30th anniversary of the bells in Little Rock during the 7 Towers Festival. A very successful AGM was held in Toronto in September. Our 2018 AGM will be held in Hendersonville, NC. on September 28. Please plan a visit to North America and visit some of our towers and participate in one of our ringing events. www.nagcr.org for more details.

NAGCR President

Zimbabwe Guild

I cannot talk about ringing in Zimbabwe without mentioning firstly economic and political changes during the year. Although the country officially used the US$ as its currency, none could be drawn from banks and “bond notes” were introduced. Even these were scarce and the only medium of exchange was electronic banking which, for small amounts attracted charges of up to 50%! The industrial index of the stock exchange increased by 270% in the period between May and October, leading to fears of another period of hyperinflation.

Then on the evening of 14 November 2017 elements of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces seized control of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and key areas of the city in order to deal with the “criminals” around President Mugabe who were responsible for the socio-economic problems of Zimbabwe. On 19 November, ZANU-PF removed Mugabe as party leader, replacing him with Mnangagwa. Eventually Robert Mugabe resigned the presidency and Mnangagwa was sworn in as President on 24 November 2017. This was one of the most peaceful “coups” ever with very little violence from either the military or the public.

What we hope this means for ringing is a more stable economy and that as a result that jobs will be created which will in-turn minimise job hunting in other towns and thus keep the ringers and future ringers in one town or city.

Two general meetings were held during the year, one in Harare and one in Kwekwe. On both occasions ringers made the effort to undertake the 3 hour journey to help support and develop ringing in Zimbabwe.

During the year there were no changes to the band in Kwekwe and due to work loads, ringing was on special occasions only.

In Harare the band participated in the BBC music day but shortly after that had to say good-bye to Roger and Fiona Thomson who, after a lifetime in Zimbabwe, left for economic and family reasons to settle in the UK. We were lucky to replace them with 2 learners, 1 of whom now resides about 2 hours from the city. As a result the band has decided that, for 2018, ringing for service is more important than our Saturday practice, which was often only rounds on 4 bells. Learners are to be taught on an individual basis to suit the pupil and learner, and special ringing sessions will be arranged for visitors as we really do enjoy having the chance to develop all our skills.

Guild Master 2017

Publications Committee

Two major new titles were published. The first of them On This Day commissioned by us from the author, Bill Butler, was first made available at the Council meeting in Edinburgh. The second Manual Of Belfry Maintenance, received from the Towers and Belfries Committee, was published in July. Both are high quality books produced by Classic Printers (Crowland) Ltd and both have sold well. In addition Rules and Decisions of the Council (2016) was produced to be handed out at the Council meeting.

Seven titles were reprinted: The Beginners Handbook, Ringing Circles, Standard Eight Surprise Major, Kaleidoscope Ringing, Manual Of Belfry Maintenance, One per Learner, and Method Leaflets, and in addition more Badges were produced. The last three items are part of the Sherbourne Teaching Aids range.

Nineteen titles remain available for download free of charge: Triples and Major for Beginners, Learning Methods, Method Splicing - Practical Hints, Understanding Place Notation, Conducting Stedman, Tower Captain’s Handbook, One way to Teach Bell Handling, Teaching Beyond Bell Handling, Getting it Right - Guidance for Officers of Ringing Societies, CC Rules and Decisions (2013), Giants of the Exercise Vol 2, A J Pitman Biography, Collection of Plain Minor Methods, Treble Dodging Minor Methods, Handbook of Composition, Collection of Stedman Compositions, Collection of Grandsire Compositions, Collection of Ten Bell Compositions, and Collection of Twelve Bell Compositions; and 382 downloads were made by 206 people during the year.

Our best sellers were: New Ringer’s Book, Ringing Circles, Teaching Tips, Manual Of Belfry Maintenance, On This Day, and the whole Sherbourne Teaching Aids range.

No appropriate opportunity to charge for downloads using the new Central Council website has yet arisen. We continue to keep a close eye on the possible use of “print on demand” but have not yet had occasion to test it.

Three Committee meetings were held during the year, and the usual large number of telephone and e-mail conversations took place. Bulk discounts were offered in March and advertisements were again placed in a number of Association reports.

Considerable effort has been made to help facilitate the process of Council reform and to respond to requests for information. This is expected to continue and we await decisions with interest.

The income from sales rose to £17,200 from £10,200, largely due to sales of Sherbourne Teaching Aids, On This Day, and Manual Of Belfry Maintenance; and income exceeded expenditure by £2,800. The value of stock held rose to £6,500 and at year end the total cash available had increased by £2,400 to £19,260. The fund remains well able to finance any likely future work. The popularity of PayPal transactions again rose and PayPal accounted for about 50% of all sales. Discounts are now available for bulk orders using PayPal as well as for those using BACS and cash payments.

Derek Jones was again closely involved in a consultative capacity, and we thank him for his contributions.


Stocklist at December 31st 2017

TitleSales to
31 Dec 2017
Stock at
31 Dec 2017
New Ringers Book321278
Beginners Handbook9993
Towards Better Striking257
Raising and Lowering5090
Ringing Jargon Made Easy50
Beginners Grandsire7474
Beginners Plain Bob8666
Doubles and Minor for Beginners2827
Triples and Major for Beginners181
Ringing Circles415374
Ringing Basics for Beginners1853
The Learning Curve Vol 101
The Learning Curve Vol 25135
The Learning Curve Vol 34123
The Learning Curve Vol 45156
Listen to Ringing CD 1/CD221/1115/14
Beginners Guide to Change Ringing on Handbells3749
Change Ringing on Handbells1359
Standard Eight Surprise Major2592
Method Splicing64
Will You Call a Touch Please, Bob?3437
Service Touches30114
Conducting Stedman167
A Tutors Handbook9116
One Way to Teach Handling911
Teaching Beyond Bell Handling9136
Teaching from Rounds to Bob Doubles979
Kaleidoscope Ringing465
Teaching Unravelled14521
Starting a New Band437
Teaching Tips228119
Manual of Belfry Maintenance363249
Towers and Bells Handbook1196
Schedule of Regular Maintenance4882
Organising a Bell Restoration Project (2016)4281
Sound Management748
Splicing Bellropes3670
On This Day11692
Change Ringing History Vol 1/Vol36/8119/139
Centenary History of the Central Council164
Giants of the Exercise Vol1/Vol22/2145/21
A J Pitman Biography2106
Dove’s Guide 109252
Belfry Offices134
Organising an Outing710
Belfry Warning Notices326
Church Towers and Bells019
Getting it Right1109
Judging Striking Competitions1570
CC Rules and Decisions 2016040
Stedman Compositions06
One per Learner25302468
Follow-on Book5791031
Exercise Book242845
Method Leaflets50579
Bell Club Cards312533
20 Questions & 19 Answers580850
The following titles are available for download free of charge: Triples and Major for Beginners, Learning Methods, Method Splicing - Practical Hints, Understanding Place Notation, Conducting Stedman, Tower Captain’s Handbook, One way to Teach Bell Handling, Teaching Beyond Bell Handling, Getting it Right - Guidance for Officers of Ringing Societies, CC Rules and Decisions (2013), Giants of the Exercise Vol 2, A J Pitman Biography, Collection of Plain Minor Methods, Treble Dodging Minor Methods, Handbook of Composition, Collection of Stedman Compositions, Collection of Grandsire Compositions, Collection of Ten Bell Compositions, Collection of Twelve Bell Compositions.

Towers & Belfries Committee

The past year has seen some of our projects finally come to fruition. In April we held a one day seminar on Bell Frame Recording. This was arranged by Alan Frost at Wellesbourne and was led by Chris Pickford with assistance from John Eisel. The morning topics covered theory, what should be recorded and how it should be recorded. Nick Molyneux, from Historic England, was on hand to explain when a “statement of significance” was required and how this could be covered. The afternoon was split between two local churches in practical sessions, and ended with a short discussion on the day’s content. We were extremely fortunate to have the services of two of the most well respected experts in this field to share some of their experience with us.

Chris Pickford

In the summer our Manual of Belfry Maintenance was completed and sent to the Publications Committee; after final proof reading it was printed and has been generally very well received by ringers. We are indebted to all those who have assisted in the research and publication of the Manual.

Work on tower movement by Gordon Breeze is still ongoing; this is an enormous piece of work but it is hoped that the end result will be worthwhile. When complete one should be able to predict the influence that a bell or ring of bells has on a tower. It is, however, already clear that there is a weakness in the calculations of the previous work that has been undertaken on this subject.

Members of the Committee have, in addition, written short documents on a variety of subjects that can be used as a reference for ringers in the future. These can be found on our section of the CCCBR website and cover such things as tower lighting and access. We have continued to submit snippets to The Ringing World under the general heading When did you last do it.

Looking to the future, work has started on producing a set of Contract Procedure Notes; this is a subject that overlaps with both the work of this Committee and that of the Bell Restoration Committee. We are always able to arrange maintenance courses for local Guilds and Associations, and this is something we will be more proactive in doing in the future.

During the year enquiries have been received from a number of individual towers; the majority of these have been answered without the need for an inspection to be carried out.

As a Committee we have met three times during the year and a large number of us were present in various capacities at the Church Buildings Council (CBC) Diocesan Bell Advisors’ conference held at Lincoln this year. We were also all represented at the CCCBR liaison meeting with the CBC in London. It is always good to have new people joining us in our work, this is important as it will allow the bells to be rung by future generations.


Tower Stewardship Committee

The Tower Stewardship Committee has had a good year providing help and support to the ringing community, helping steer a path though the minefields of regulations affecting the operation of the bell tower.

As usual, safeguarding played a major part in our work. We are indebted to Chris Mew for guiding us though the subject. A number of items have caused us concern, and Chris has been able to interpret the regulations for us. Chris has held a number of discussions with the CofE safeguarding team on the subject.

We have also received several enquiries regarding insurance, health and safety and environmental issues. Assistance has been offered (and well received) to a number of churches on these subjects. While, as far as we know, there have not been major changes to regulations, we often have situations where church officials appear to bring their own interpretations to these regulations. A number of times we have seen ringers asking for help on various subjects, using social media. We have been able to point them to the various guides and publications on the CC website. This underlines the perception by the CC that ringers don’t think of us in the first instance when looking for help.

The complaints helpline is working well. Several of the enquiries were from non-ringers looking for help in how to complain about clock chimes, but a re-wording of the CC website has reduced this type of enquiry. Help and support have been offered to several churches who are dealing with complaints.

One subject that has generated a large number of enquiries is the forthcoming implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations. Our President, Chris O’Mahony, together with help from Helen Phillips, has put together an interim guidance note on the subject (published on the CC website and circulated to all society secretaries). A further update will be published shortly.

The usual liaison meeting has been held with Ecclesiastical Insurance and the Church Buildings Council. The Committee has also considered the Taylor Report on the Sustainability of English Churches and Cathedrals. If this report were to be implemented, it would change the way dioceses give advice to churches, and there may well be opportunities to change the way the Council gives advice to the dioceses and their DACs.

The Committee acknowledges the proposed changes to the Council, following the recommendations of the CRAG report, and will support the new organisation wherever possible.


Bell Restoration Committee

2017 has been another busy year, especially as we have a vacancy on the Committee. Despite a mailing to all Council members following the Edinburgh meeting, this vacancy remains unfilled.

John Barnes and Ken Davenport are due to stand down at the Lancaster meeting and are prepared to be re-elected.

The future is somewhat uncertain but the Committee as a whole has offered its services to the Stewardship and Management Workgroup.

Ian Oram will be standing down from Council and as its longest serving member will be sorely missed. He has been a member of the Bell Restoration Committee since its inception and we have all valued his hard work and sense of fairness. We are delighted that he is prepared to continue as a consultant to the Committee.

JOHN BARNES (Parish contact)
JAY BUNYAN (Secretary)
IAN ORAM (Central Council grants)

Committee for Redundant Bells

The Committee met once in 2017 and other business was carried out using email and Facebook.

As at December 2017 the Committee had 39 open cases which it was keeping under review.

The Committee has established contact with the Churches Conservation Trust and developed a protocol for management of its bells. Discussion with the Trust and development of the protocol are ongoing.

Development of a prioritisation tool continues: refinement and further reviews are to be completed.

There have been no calls on the Bells Rescue Fund during the year. The Committee, as Trustees, recommended to Council in 2017 that the Fund be closed down. At the Administrative Committee meeting in October 2017, it was agreed that the balance of the Fund be transferred to the Council Bell Restoration Fund. Closure of the accounts is in progress.

The Committee is now operating under the aegis of the Stewardship and Management Work Group led by Alison Hodge.

The members of the Committee wish to thank Robert Wood, who is no longer a member of Council, for his contribution as a member, and for his commitment and directions as Chair of the Committee for the past three years.

JULIAN NEWMAN (co-opted)
Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells
Registered Charity No 278816
Statement of Financial Activities
for the year ended 31 December 2017
2017 2016
Incoming resources
Interest receivable13.3024.18
Every Click (= donations from ringers)42.5925.03
Resources expended

Net incoming resources55.8939.21
Balances at 1 January14,867.3614,828.15
Balances at 31 December14,863.2514,867.36
Balance Sheet as at 31 December
Current assets
Loan to Keltek Trust Rescue Fund8,500.008,500.00
Cash in bank and on deposit6,363.256,367.36

Total current assets14,863.2514,867.36
Current liabilities0.000.00

Net current assets14,863.2514,867.36
04 MARCH 2018

Education Committee

Introduction As we said in Edinburgh, the Committee made a significant change during 2017. After a period of assessment we agreed to go ahead with a limited number of activities where we thought we could add value. Other activities and plans have been dropped. We have moved into collaboration with ART.

Highlights of the past year

Education Column Currently the third series of The Education Column is being published in The Ringing World. At the expected rate of publication, the final article of this series will appear around the end of June 2018. There has been an enthusiastic response to these articles, and the Board of The Ringing World is currently considering publishing the first three series in booklet form later this year. The articles also become available in PDF format on the CC website a little while after each series is completed. It is hoped to continue the series, and anyone with suggestions or requests for topics should contact David Smith.

Handling posters We have continued to promote the sale of the A3 illustrated handling posters this year. After emailing an advert to all the guilds and associations, numerous requests for them were received and the response from those who bought them was most appreciative. Their enthusiastic reception indicates that this is a really worthwhile venture.

Leadership Workshop - Inspiring Ringers for the Future - The leadership workshop was produced as a joint venture between ART and the Central Council Education Committee. The topics covered in the 3 sessions are as follows, with plenty of time allowed for discussion and interaction.

  1. Leadership skills

  2. Recruitment and retention

  3. Stakeholders and practical matters [such as safeguarding]

The workshop was run for the first time in October in Stretham in Cambridgeshire and was extremely well received.

Conference run jointly with ART. This two-day event consisted of the ART AGM and conference on Saturday 3 March 2018 followed on the Sunday by a full-day conference on simulators which was organised by the Education Committee. This was pitched at giving people at three different levels of experience the opportunity to talk to developers and try different systems on various dumb bells set up in the venue. The aim was for delegates to go away with new ideas to help their teaching and to know where they can go for more detailed support and advice.

On a weekend affected considerably by weather, it was pleasing that most of the delegates managed to attend though a few were unable to make the conference, and some key presenters and helpers were also missing. Despite this the day went very well, and the initial feedback was extremely positive.

Plans The Committee has been looking at some other ideas and if progressed, these will be included in the oral update at Lancaster.

TIM HINE (Chairman)


Ringing Centres Committee

A key task of the Ringing Centres Committee is to survey known Ringing Centres and issue certificates to those which are recognised.

The survey has been updated and redesigned. We think it is now simpler to complete, easier to evaluate and effective at gathering information.

Ringing centres have certain features in common but they are increasingly diverse. We have learned that some long established Centres are struggling or have closed, some are thriving, others will continue to flourish because they are changing the way they work and what they offer. At the same time simulators are being installed in towers that do not aspire to be ringing centres and new ringing centres are still emerging. The situation is very fluid and difficult to monitor.

Some centres have adopted less traditional pathways to achievement - embracing ideas from the Ringing Practice Toolkit and the Association of Ringing Teachers.

There is no set pattern for a ringing centre and enthusiasm is crucial but the Committee, aware that some set-ups are more successful than others, is keen to encourage good governance and sound practice.

The advance of technology races on which both presents problems and solves them. A failing sensor can spoil a session but tablets are superseding video cameras, for example.

Likewise “Bell Ringing Centres” on Facebook has become an important, and fast-growing, means of communication where members can swap experiences, seek advice, pass on information, promote events and share concerns. Posts will typically be seen by 80 people within a few hours - and many more after a few days. It can be a lively and effective forum but monitoring it demands much in terms of the Admin’s time.

The next edition of Training Times is due out in early summer, as usual.

PHIL BAILEY (co-opted)

Ringing Trends Committee

The entire Committee resigned in 2016 and there have so far been no volunteers to continue the work.

Compositions Committee

The key work of the Committee is to maintain and update the web collection of peal and quarter peal compositions and encouraging new submissions from a wide range of contributors. Many thanks to all our contributors for their wide variety of compositions.

The readily accessible websites are a very valuable resource for conductors. The compositions range from relatively easy to highly complex on all numbers of bells, so there are compositions for all requirements. Over 115 peal compositions and over 60 quarter peals were uploaded to the website in the last twelve months. We also published 2018 date touches in The Ringing World.

Our particular thanks go to Richard Allton and Don Morrison for their work as compositions are submitted in a number of formats from spreadsheets to written paper and these have to be carefully collated and checked for accuracy and truth. The web collection is backed up on the CCCBR Web Services account on a daily basis.

The easy access of online compositions and the emergence of other composition web sites, e.g. complib, means there now appears to be little demand for printed books or compositions to be published in The Ringing World. It is difficult to justify the work required to produce and publish new books of compositions.

The best 1,280 website by Stephen Beckingham is a useful resource for composers looking to get the most runs out of methods for quarter peals. However, there seems to be little scope for simpler compositions of standard methods these days as most of the obvious combinations have already been discovered or generated. Breakthroughs in composition tend to be discussed on ringing theory chat lists, reducing the necessity for detailed reviews in The Ringing World, although we are perfectly happy to review compositions as required.

The Committee would like to welcome Andrew Johnson to the Committee. Andrew has recently produced a series of three-part compositions of Stedman Triples which will be an interesting addition to the repertoire.

Finally, to reiterate, we very much welcome submissions of new peal, quarter peal and special length compositions and these should be sent to compositions@cccbr.org.uk.


Information and Communications Technology Committee

Following the launch of the new website in February 2017, work has continued throughout the past year to refine and update it. A couple of key changes/enhancements this year have been:

In addition to the above, some members of the various committees (notably PR) and the President have been making use of the self-publishing features of the Wordpress system and adding content themselves without the ICT Committee being involved. A great start, but certainly an area that needs to grow as we move forward.

Aside from the main website, there were a couple of other important pieces of web-related work carried out this year:

Things may well be set to change at Lancaster in May, but going forward there are still a number of ICT-related projects on the horizon in addition to any requirements we are currently unaware of:

A huge Thank You must be given to all members of the ICT Committee for yet another year of hard work and progress.


Methods Committee

Anticipating its replacement by the new Standards Technology and Taxonomy workgroup, the Methods Committee has not taken on any new work this year. In particular, following CRAG proposal (H) passed at the Council Meeting in Edinburgh, the Committee has stopped its work on reforms to the Central Council Decisions and is not proposing any changes this year.

The Committee’s Method Collections have been maintained, and we again thank Tony Smith for doing this work. These collections are recognised as an important service that the Council provides to the wider ringing community.


Peals Records Committee

The Peals Analysis

We have recorded a total of 4694 peals rung in 2017 and published in The Ringing World up to February 23rd this year, of which 3856 were on tower bells, 837 on handbells and 1 on a simulator. The revised total for 2016 is 4913 (4033 t/b & 880 h/b), an increase of 38 over that published in the last year’s report. Full details are included in the methods table that accompanies this report. The figures for the last five years are shown below

* Published up to the RW of 23rd February.
Tower bellHandbellSimulatorTotal

The Yorkshire Association is again the leading society with 384 peals, 103 more than the second place Oxford D.G. with 281, the difference having increased somewhat this year. The leading society for handbell peals in 2017 was the Oxford D.G. with 124, while second place Chester D.G. rang 84; again the difference has increased this year. Fifteen affiliated societies rang 100 or more peals in 2016, one more than in 2016 but still two fewer than 2015. Please see separate tables for details of peals rung for each society and by method / method type.

There are a number of peals known to have been rung last year but not yet published in The Ringing World including some from the first half of the year. We would encourage the organisers and conductors of peals to submit their peals for publication promptly, and then ensure that they are printed as expected.

Record peals

There were three record peal rung in 2017, all on tower bells. The record peals are detailed in the Records table below.

Peals not complying with the Decisions on Peal Ringing

There were no peals rung in 2017 and submitted to BellBoard that failed to comply with the CC Decisions on Peal Ringing as amended at the CCCBR meeting in 2017.

Leading Towers

Ten or more peals were rung in the following 66 towers in 2017 (71 in 2016).

50Leeds (RC Cathedral), Sproxton
46Dordrecht (’t Klockhuys)
42Portsmouth (St Agatha)
30East Huntspill (Little Orchard Tower)
27Longcot, Maidstone (All Saints)
25Birmingham (St Philip’s Cathedral), Milton
22Bovey Tracey (Wobbly Bobs Campanile), Sheffield (Dore), Thorverton
21Church Lawton Lawford (Plantagenet Ring), London (St James Garlickhythe)
20Ipswich (The Wolery, Old Stoke)
19Barrow Gurney, Bristol (St John), Keele (Woodlands), Oxford (St Thomas), Shepton Beauchamp
18Kingsteignton (Kings Ting Tong), Meldreth
17London (St Dunstan in the West)
15Kirby Hill, London (St Magnus the Martyr), Rotherham (All Saints), Saltby, Worcester (All Saints)
14Bradford Peverell, Burton Latimer, Chilcompton, East Ilsley, Great Ryburgh, Inworth, Rothwell (Northants)
13Cambridge (St Mary), Marston Bigot (Pig le Tower), Winford, Yarkhill
12Basingstoke (All Saints), Knottingley, Middleton (Gtr Man), Exeter (Pinhoe), Willoughby on the Wold Wolds, Worcester (Cornmarket), Worcester (Barbourne)
11Burnley, Trumpington, Campton, Hanbury, Highweek, York (St Lawrence)
10Bishopstoke, Bristol (Cathedral), Coddington, Daresbury, Marston Bigot (St Leonard), Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Stoke Poges, Tulloch (Last Tower), Wedmore (Bakery Tower), Worcester (Cathedral).

There were also 24 handbell venues where 10 or more peals were rung in 2017 (28 in 2016).

First pealers and firsts as conductor

109 ringers rang their first peals in 2017, but only 106 of these had their peals published in The Ringing World up to Feb 23rd. This is a rather worryingly low number compared to the hundreds of first pealers in previous years, but is at least an increase on the 98 recorded in 2016. The number of firsts as conductor has dropped dramatically from 34 in 2016 to only 20 in 2017 (of which only 18 had their peals published in The Ringing World up to Feb 24th). These figures tend to confirm the view expressed last year that the number of active change ringers is declining year on year.

Corrections to the 2016 Analysis

There are several alterations to the 2016 Analysis owing to late publication which are detailed below. Corrections relate to tower bells except where specified.

ASCYDoubles + 1
ANZABMajor +1 (handbells)
Barrow & District SocietyMajor + 6
Bath & Wells DAMinor +2, Major +2
Derby Diocesan AssociationMajor +1
DevonshireRoyal +1
Dorset County AssociationMajor +1
HerefordMinor +1
LancashireMinor +1
Leicester Diocesan GuildMinor + 1 (handbells)
Middlesex County A & LDGMajor +1 (handbells)
SalisburyMinor +2
Southwell & Nottingham Diocesan GuildMinor +1
St Martin’s DioceseCaters +1
SRCYRoyal +1
SuffolkMinor +2 (handbells)
Winchester & PortsmouthMinor +1, Major +3, Royal +1 (handbells)
YorkshireTriples +1, Major +1
Non-AssociationTriples +1
Non-AffiliatedMinor +1 (handbells) Major +1, Royal +1 (handbells), Maximus +1

The amended methods analysis for 2016 is shown in the 2017 methods table, which forms part of this report. Revised totals for 2016 are: tower bells 4033, handbells 880, total 4913.

The Felstead Project

During the year the work of maintaining the accuracy of the Felstead database has continued. The number of previously unrecorded peals added through John Eisel continuing to search a number of eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers as they become available on line has dropped to 27. There are almost certainly others still to be discovered by searching through local newspapers not available online; the searches have also resulted in 14 corrections being made. Details supplied by other ringers have resulted in a further 10 peals being added and corrections being made to some 79 others - mainly by comparison with association records. Alan Glover has once again been very helpful in answering a number of queries by reference to materials in the Library; this has enabled a number of corrections to be made and the Committee is grateful to all who have in any way contributed to the accuracy of the database. Andrew Craddock continues to be responsible for all the data for post-1989 peals and downloads the data regularly from The Ringing World and BellBoard websites; the Committee wishes to thank him for doing this important work.

First peals in methods rung on Tower Bells.
Please note that there are two peals in new methods (North Bank and Pickleback SM) recorded on BellBoard but not yet published in The Ringing World and which are therefore not listed below.
45024Winter Jasmine Delight MajorYorks A
55084Reading Abbey Surprise MajorDorset CA
75184Capricorn Alliance RoyalBath & Wells DA
95152Brancepeth Alliance MajorLincoln DG
125074Hampden Surprise MajorDorset CA
125040Bidean Nam Bian Delight RoyalDevonshire G
185120Greenfinch Surprise MajorYorks A
195071Spitfire Surprise MajorDorset CA
195040Lochnagar Surprise RoyalDevonshire G
215024Ryton Delight MajorLincoln DG
225120Brock Bottom Surprise MajorNon
245056Mountains of Jupiter Surprise MajorV Evesham S
255040Patrington Alliance MajorLincoln DG
265079Lysander Surprise MajorDorset CA
275056Brandon Hill Delight MajorUBSCR
305024Ware Delight MajorSt James G
315000Fetter Lane Surprise RoyalSt James G
315152Zechariah Delight MajorV Evesham S
15152Wathaurong Surprise MajorS&N DG
25077Fairey Battle Surprise MajorDorset CA
25056Candlemas Delight MajorAmersham G
35040Godings Bay Surprise RoyalPeterboro DG
45088Boynton Surprise MajorDevons Soc
45184Nicholson Treble Place CatersSussex CA
45100Hemingbrough Alliance MajorLincoln DG
65088God’s Acre Delight MajorAmersham G
85184Mosman Park Delight MajorS&N DG
95079Gladiator Surprise MajorDorset CA
95024Mark Delight MajorBath & Wells DA
125056Valise Surprise MajorSuffolk G
155024Snowdrop Delight MajorYorks A
175056Wycombe Delight MajorAmersham G
185152Ratby Delight MajorSproxton S
195088Ghost Surprise MajorBath & Wells DA
205040Hollinside Alliance MajorLincoln DG
205060London No.34 Alliance RoyalSt James G
225088LXV Delight MajorAmersham G
225040Blaydon Alliance MajorLincoln DG
255040Clowne Delight RoyalNon
285120Lent Rise Delight MajorAmersham G
25082Swordfish Surprise MajorDorset CA
25040Ben Vane Surprise RoyalDevonshire G
65024Garlick Hill Delight MajorSt James G
75056Zwickau Surprise MajorYorks A
105040Pity Me Surprise MinorD&N
105050Earl of St Germans Surprise MajorDevonshire G
105012Roscoff Alliance MajorG&B DA
135104Nu.Q™ Alliance MaximusVolition
145152Antigua Delight MajorLancs A
165052Earl of Radnor Surprise MajorDorset CA
165040Slioch Surprise RoyalDevonshire G
185040SONNOS Surprise MaximusNon
185040Julie McDonnell Bob MajorKent CA
195032My Ding-a-Ling Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
225088Dunnock Surprise MajorYorks A
225120Boveney Delight MajorAmersham G
225010Frampton Marsh Alliance MajorLincoln DG
245040Bedford Alliance MajorS&N DG
255088Emily Charlotte Surprise MajorG&B DA
265010Illston Alliance MajorS&N DG
275152Hitchin Delight MajorSt James G
285040Rotherby Surprise RoyalS&N DG
295152Old Market Surprise MajorG&B DA
295010Beamish Alliance MajorLincoln DG
15184Hursley Surprise MaximusW&P DG
15040Northampton Alliance RoyalS&N DG
65072Hurricane Surprise MajorDorset CA
75120Alternative Surprise MajorMiddx & London DG
95120Joy Delight MajorANZAB
95152Nemo Surprise MajorS Blaise S
135051Earl Bathurst Surprise MajorDorset CA
145088Penarth Surprise MajorSuffolk G
145184Xit Surprise MajorSuffolk G
185088Knackers Knowle Surprise MajorDevonshire G
195184Chaffinch Surprise MajorYorks A
195152Primrose Delight MajorAmersham G
195040Tanfield Alliance MajorLincoln DG
205080Defiant Surprise MajorDorset CA
205040Ben Lui Surprise RoyalDevonshire G
245184Big Monk Surprise MajorV Evesham S
245000Julie McDonnell Surprise RoyalYorks A
245152St George’s Delight MajorSt James G
245112Landmark Alliance RoyalLundy IS
265040Hartlepool Alliance MajorLincoln DG
25088Kelham Surprise MajorS&N DG
25152Malvern Hills Surprise MajorE meets W
35088Darcy Delight MajorYorks A
45075No. 5075 Wellington Surprise MajorDorset CA
45760Half-Sharp’s Delight MinorBarrow & D S
65024Chopwell Surprise MajorLincoln DG
85024Hoddesdon Surprise MajorSt James G
115152Polden Hills Surprise MajorBath & Wells DA
175120Blue Tit Surprise MajorYorks A
185083Bath Abbey Surprise MajorDorset CA
185058Felmersham Delight MajorS&N DG
205100Hedon Alliance MajorLincoln DG
235004Xanthicus Alliance RoyalS&N DG
265040Weston-by-Welland Bob DoublesPeterboro DG
285040Yarwell Delight MinorPeterboro DG
295024Ladymead Surprise MajorG&B DA
305152Dowgate Surprise MajorSt James G
315152Urmston Delight MajorLincoln DG
25120Monarch’s Way Delight MajorBath & Wells DA
25040Zone Point Delight RoyalPeterboro DG
35088Corbridge Delight MajorLincoln DG
35056Malvern Priory Alliance RoyalS&N DG
45040Brighouse Alliance MajorYorks A
75184Meadow Cranesbill Delight MajorYorks A
95088Verney Delight MajorAmersham G
125088Arkell’s Delight MajorG&B DA
135024Trudoxhill Delight MajorBath & Wells DA
145100Hughenden Alliance MajorLincoln DG
155152Pendleton Surprise MajorLancs A
195024Scargill House Surprise MajorCoventry DG
195088Aviemore Delight MajorSt James G
205088Brown Windsor Delight MajorBath & Wells DA
275104Underbank Alliance RoyalS&N DG
285124Zeal Hill Alliance MajorS&N DG
305088Hampden Delight MajorAmersham G
15088Watercress Line Surprise MajorGuildford DG
15184Launceston Castle Delight MajorG&B DA
15088Roos Delight MajorBev & Dist S
45184Upgate Surprise MajorS&N DG
55100Shotley Bridge Alliance MajorLincoln DG
95152Dordrecht Surprise MajorS Thomas S
115024Timsbury Bottom Delight MajorDevonshire G
125040Riding Mill Alliance MajorLincoln DG
135022Millom Alliance MajorDorset CA
165088King’s Lynn Festival Delight MajorSt James G
175130Faringdon Alliance MajorG&B DA
195024Great Spotted Woodpecker Surprise MajorYorks A
195040Denmisch Surprise RoyalDevons Soc
285152Red Kite Surprise MajorG&B DA
305088Newton Abbot Delight MajorBath & Wells DA
305024Rasputin Delight MajorG&B DA
315096Passchendaele Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
315088Passchendaele Surprise MajorEly DA
15088Pilckem Ridge Surprise MajorW&P DG
15130Hemingford Grey Alliance MajorAround R
75040Gokyo Ri Surprise RoyalDevonshire G
95024Haltwhistle Surprise MajorLincoln DG
115088Peregrine Falcon Surprise MajorG&B DA
165024Fielden Bob MajorSuffolk G
165088Farncombe Delight MajorAmersham G
165088Stocksfield Delight MajorLincoln DG
205160Cocking Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
225088Garlick Hill Surprise MajorSt James G
225024Peterlord Little Surprise RoyalS&N DG
245184Brendon Hills Surprise MajorBath & Wells DA
245012Fulney Alliance MajorLincoln DG
275040Jarl Surprise RoyalLancs A
25100Ryton Alliance MajorLincoln DG
65120Coal Tit Surprise MajorYorks A
65152Prudhoe Delight MajorLincoln DG
105024Pons Fractus Surprise MajorYorks A
105080Jiggery-Pokery Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
125152Vishnu Delight MajorV Evesham S
135024Arlecdon Surprise MajorLincoln DG
165100Greenhead Alliance MajorLincoln DG
205152Menin Road Ridge Surprise MajorW&P DG
205120Pied Wagtail Surprise MajorYorks A
205152Slaley Surprise MajorLincoln DG
205124Dukestown Alliance MajorS&N DG
215088Xenodocheionology Surprise MajorDorset CA
245088Barbourne Delight MajorNon
265040Horsegate Alliance RoyalS&N DG
275152Magpie Surprise MajorYorks A
35024Quingentesimus Surprise MajorYorks A
125088Buckland Dinham Surprise MajorBath & Wells DA
135056Buzzard Surprise MajorG&B DA
165024Bushey Heath Surprise MajorSt James G
185152Tynemouth Surprise MajorLincoln DG
185096Kingstown Alliance MajorS&N DG
195136Fanglemcmangledandrum Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
205096Jamestown Alliance MajorS&N DG S Blaise S
245004Chapelgate Alliance RoyalS&N DG
255088Greenhead Delight MajorLincoln DG
255152Michaelmas Daisy Delight MajorYorks A
255012Clitheroe Alliance MajorLancs A
265040Beinn Dearg Delight RoyalDevonshire G
25088It-ta-mayka-no-seeeen-sa! Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
35004Silvergate Alliance RoyalPeterboro DG
95040Khazi Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
115040Radio Leicester Golden Anniversary Surprise MaximusLeicester DG
155152Robin Redbreast Surprise MajorYorks A
195184Yogi Bear Surprise MajorBath & Wells DA
225010Corbridge Alliance MajorLincoln DG
235160Luciphistication Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
275088Searight Delight MajorAmersham G
285100Kettle Alliance MajorCoventry DG
285040Walkington Alliance MajorLincoln DG
285040Newthorpe Delight RoyalS&N DG
295040Prudhoe Alliance MajorLincoln DG
305040St Andrew Alliance RoyalLancs A
15040Highamferrers Surprise RoyalPeterboro DG
15055Yorkshire Alliance RoyalLancs A
55088Xirdalan Surprise MajorPeterboro DG
55120Westeros Delight MajorNon
75100Noel Alliance MajorBath & Wells DA
85088Goblin Combe Surprise MajorG&B DA
85088Haddington Hill Delight MajorAmersham G
135152Lintzford Surprise MajorLincoln DG
195088Yabba Dabba Doo! Surprise MajorDevonshire G
205184Nihonium Surprise MajorYorks A
205088Billingborough Treble Place MajorLincoln DG
215040G.J.Churchward Surprise RoyalBath & Wells DA
235152G.J.Churchward Surprise MajorBath & Wells DA
265152Jolly Roger’s Delight MajorDevonshire G
275088Oakworth Surprise MajorOxford DG
275100Stoke Poges Alliance MajorLincoln DG
285148Myrmica Alliance MajorDorset CA
305069IKB Surprise MajorWorcs & Dists
First peals in methods on Handbells
125040Wragby Delight MinorW&P DG
315056Ashton-under-Lyne Surprise MajorHereford DG
55152President Delight MajorLincoln DG
75056Bottesford Surprise MajorHereford DG
125040Wyville Surprise RoyalLincoln DG
145056Dereham Surprise MajorHereford DG
145056Christchurch Surprise MajorHereford DG
165040Charlwood Delight MinorW&P DG
75152Erdington Surprise MajorHereford DG
145152Fluorine Surprise MajorHereford DG
25056Guinness Delight MajorLincoln DG
115152Grantchester Surprise MajorHereford DG
185056Harpenden Surprise MajorHereford DG
235040Ventongimps Delight RoyalLincoln DG
275040Neasden Delight MinorW&P DG
25152Iridium Surprise MajorHereford DG
75040A’Chailleach Delight RoyalW&P DG
145040Ecclefechan Delight RoyalLincoln DG
215040Golden Wedding Delight RoyalLincoln DG
235058Johannesburg Surprise MajorHereford DG
115040Xenophon Delight RoyalW&P DG
185040Quaffed Delight RoyalLincoln DG
205056Kinver Surprise MajorHereford DG
255040Meldreth Village Delight RoyalLincoln DG
265088Smallbrook Surprise MaximusG St Cuileain
275056Langley Surprise MajorHereford DG
125040Abigail Delight MaximusOxford DG
145040Wild Raven Delight RoyalG St Cuileain
165040Regnum Diutissime Delight RoyalW&P DG
175042Bow Lane Surprise MaximusG St Cuileain
185152Meldreth Surprise MajorHereford DG
85056Nicaragua Surprise MajorHereford DG
135040Llanbadarn Fawr Delight RoyalLincoln DG
225120Oswaldtwistle Surprise MajorHereford DG
275056Sumorsaete Ealle Delight MajorLincoln DG
295184Palgrave Surprise MajorHereford DG
35040Westhawe Delight RoyalW&P DG
105056Ian’s Delight MajorLincoln DG
125056Quernmore Surprise MajorHereford DG
265152Ross-on-Wye Surprise MajorHereford DG
45088Frog Island Surprise MaximusOxford DG
85040Bretton Delight RoyalLincoln DG
95088Roaring Meg Surprise MaximusG St Cuileain
155040Coalville Delight RoyalLincoln DG
225040Jenner Delight RoyalLincoln DG
245120Samarium Surprise MajorHereford DG
315120Truro Surprise MajorHereford DG
75152Upchurch Surprise MajorHereford DG
85086Cassiobury Surprise MaximusOxford DG
145056Velindre Surprise MajorHereford DG
215120Welshpool Surprise MajorHereford DG
225088Platinum Surprise MaximusOxford DG
265040Sgurr Na Lapaich Delight RoyalW&P DG
275120Xeranthemum Surprise MajorHereford DG
285152Yarkhill Surprise MajorHereford DG
295184Laburnham Road Surprise MaximusOxford DG
125152Zverinogolovskoye Surprise MajorHereford DG
Record Peals on Towerbells
320064Spliced Surprise MaximusASCY
2310360Nova Delight RoyalSRCY
2525056Bristol Surprise MaximusASCY

Analysis of Peals by Society

2016 2017TOWERTower totalHANDHand totalSIMULATORSimulator totalSociety total
Ancient Society of College Youths020131405717266235001720106256012100193
Australia & New Zealand Association000320801001001500000000000015
Barrow & District Society020810700001001900000000000019
Bath & Wells Diocesan Association0504830106021101200196000200000200198
Bedfordshire Association01015101543000003901000000010040
Beverley & District Society0001102000000040001000001005
Bristol University Society0101001000010040000000000004
Cambridge University Guild0000102211010080000000000008
Carlisle Diocesan Guild0002103000000060000000000006
Chester Diocesan Guild000740200220100360220370230028400120
Coventry Diocesan Guild05023003524000006901000000010070
Derby Diocesan Association000860172820610500001105000160066
Devonshire Guild00055101031341011002060209090032300229
Dorset County Association0006002800000003400000000000034
Durham & Newcastle Diocesan Association0007102303001003500000000000035
Durham University Society0000001100000020000000000002
East Grinstead & District Guild0000101000000020000000000002
Ely Diocesan Association010171055220010079000251150014200121
Essex Association03032202425000006800000000000068
Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association0902760894520600148080100000900157
Guildford Diocesan Guild0102601721340300480101302000160064
Hereford Diocesan Guild040820210100000360002602000280064
Hertford County Association0206301012000002401102106001390063
Irish Association000710602101001800000000000018
Kent County Association05035806111900000129000000000000129
Ladies’ Guild0002000000000020000000000002
Lancashire Association04013406312010000106000000000000106
Leeds University Society0001001000000020000000000002
Leicester Diocesan Guild000101019240020038050503000130051
Lichfield & Walsall Archdeaconries Society0104201110000001900010000010020
Lincoln Diocesan Guild1722210580700300101010080160003400135
Liverpool Universities Society0000000000100010001000001002
Llandaff & Monmouth Diocesan Association02064053340000270301104000180045
London University Society0000000200000020202000004006
Middlesex County Association & London Diocesan Guild021460136400200380002504001300068
North American Guild000440801100001802030000050023
North Staffordshire Association0001000100000020000000000002
North Wales Association0003102000000060000000000006
Norwich Diocesan Association0002110910000003200000000000032
Oxford Diocesan Guild0104280724220080015700036142004512400281
Oxford Society000100331101001001001000020012
Oxford University Society0001000000000010000000000001
Peterborough Diocesan Guild070120019111001005100000000000051
Salisbury Diocesan Guild0606402211003004300000000000043
Scottish Association001110116040030036020603000110047
Shropshire Association0201210700000002200000000000022
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths01070052015201400910804000001200103
Southwell & Nottingham Diocesan Guild02157306062400900162010100000200164
St David’s Diocesan Guild0000000100000010000000000001
St Martin’s Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham000270312421701390010000000100049
Suffolk Guild090271054020000093060200000800101
Surrey Association0001002000000030000000000003
Sussex County Association0207501211000002803017015001360064
Swansea & Brecon Diocesan Guild0002000000000020000000000002
Truro Diocesan Guild0201201101000080000000000008
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild030186063111005001071230300150006900176
Worcestershire & Districts Association020810300000001400000000000014
Yorkshire Association010763016554151200031708049190006700384
Sub-total - Affiliated1955713131114558332639616911302611211035361786055730003756
Non Association02022100841546313340024704111040032300270

Analysis of Peals by method and change on year

Spliced S261971118-737370
Spliced Treble Dodging917-85501422-8
Other Spliced2021-112-12123-2
Bristol Surprise5158-7111106269-6
Cambridge Surprise5462-8101964631
Yorkshire Surprise3541-634-13845-7
Other Single Surprise2525022814473314
Spliced Surprise4547-2131215859-1
Other Spliced1082712-51720-3
Kent Treble Bob Royal0002416824168
Cambridge Surprise7766114724231249034
Yorkshire Surprise5363-10161516978-9
Bristol Surprise4353-109815261-9
London No.3 Surprise483612716553718
Lincolnshire Surprise111101613327243
Swindon Surprise1724-713-21827-9
Other Surprise90*8911320-7103109-6
Single Delight2120123320442321
Spliced Surprise327299286971-239637026
Other Spliced18180914-52732-5
Bristol Surprise189196-729254218221-3
Yorkshire Surprise147178-314655-9193233-40
Cambridge Surprise10710163435-11411365
London Surprise5561-6812-46373-10
Lincolnshire Surprise3239-71423-94662-16
Superlative Surprise4851-3131126162-1
Lessness Surprise4446-25414950-1
Rutland Surprise2226-4510-52736-9
Glasgow Surprise1820-20001820-2
Uxbridge Surprise1215-334-11519-4
Pudsey Surprise1914587127216
Cornwall Surprise1218-62111419-5
Dereham Surprise1210210113103
Cassiobury Surprise1110110112102
Other Surprise485520-3528262513546-33
Single Delight1841493575219115437
Plain Bob2133-125561-67694-18
Double Norwich Court Bob2339-1613853647-11
Kent Treble Bob3123643-73944-5
Plain Bob1620-40001620-4
Spliced surprise159172-13512-7164184-20
Spliced other352312532402614
8+ Methods Surprise634815217-1565650
7 Methods Surprise327398-711633-17343431-88
2-6 Methods Surprise1925-62202127-6
Plain Bob Minor1933-142627-14560-15
Cambridge Surprise4344-158-34852-4
Other Surprise816-81111019172
2+ Methods8998-905-589103-14

The new President and Vice-President at Edinburgh (photo by Robert Lewis)

Biographies Committee

The Committee met in Edinburgh in May and in Milton Keynes in October. Anne Anthony stood down in April, and Bobbie May and Deborah Thorley stood down in May. No new members were elected.

There are over 950 biographic records on the website. We would like to thank Chris Rogers and Chris Kippin, both of whom contributed records. There is a backlog of around 30 records not yet written, and the aim to have archival paper copies of all records hasn’t yet been achieved.

Working with the Steward of the Rolls we have added 187 names to the Rolls of Honour, based mainly on research from newspapers and The Ringing World.

Bill Butler continued to produce Prolific Peal Ringers articles for The Ringing World, although no longer a consultant to the Committee, but having reached number 60 he wishes to retire from the task, and we thank him for his work.

We continue to hold basic information, photos, press items, etc on current and former Council members - either on paper or digitally.

The comprehensive record of ringing societies still exists as a draft web page but has not progressed. We continued research on the history of Council committees. About a third of those that existed have so far been documented. We discussed with the ICT Committee how information about both ringing societies and Council committees could be linked to the records of ringers who represented them or served on them respectively, but we have not yet progressed to implementation.

We produced a critical review of our ongoing work and future aspirations, which has been passed to the nominated leader of the History & Archive workgroup that will succeed the Committee.

Plans for 2018 include:

Ongoing work and future aspirations passed to the History & Archive workgroup include:

We are grateful to all those who have helped us by providing information.

Members and former members of the Council who died in 2017 are:

A former member whose death became known during 2017 is:


Library Committee


2017 saw a modest reduction in the use of the Library resources with twenty-seven items borrowed and sixty-three queries dealt with by sending scans or written replies, by our library steward, Alan Glover.

In 2017 the CC Library Committee purchased another original manuscript by JA Trollope. Within six months this had been scanned and was on the CC website, for all to view. My thanks go to Paul Johnson and Alan Glover for making this happen.

The Whiting Society continues its invaluable work of publishing early ringing texts online, and we have been pleased to help by supplying some of the originals for them to scan.

The CC Library now holds the archive records of The Ringing Foundation. We are grateful to Colin Chapman and Ian Self for adding to our archive of annual reports and to George Pipe and Mark Gardener for donating various Association badges.

The routine binding and repair work had increased in 2017 with the imminent retirement of our bookbinders, Les and Brenda Stallard; more valuable items are stored in clam-shell boxes for protection and new additional shelving in the Library has been purchased.

Paul Johnson reports we have now sold all the original DVDs of ringing magazines, apart from the latest edition (Ringing World 1971-2000). We are now selling copies of Bell News and pre-1970 Ringing Worlds by the volume or year. Further early volumes of Bell News continue to be added to the Library’s Online Publications webpage.

John Eisel has completed the last edition in book form of Order and Disorder 1840-1845, with important supplements of earlier material, and this should be available at the CC meeting 2018 in Lancaster. Thank you to Sue Marsden for despatching previous volumes of Order and Disorder books. There is an increasing amount of material from 1846 and it is intended to make this available in electronic form in due course as it is impracticable to publish it in hard copy.

The “Friends of the Central Council Library” saw a slight increase in life membership subscriptions and a new Honorary Life Member, George Pipe. John Eisel kindly wrote an interesting essay to accompany the newsletter entitled Ring out the Age. Without the Friends of the CC Library we would be unable to fund publishing projects or acquire new and rare books. For the fifth year the Library Committee has waived the CC grant. Thank you to Ian Self, for being our Treasurer and managing the Friends Scheme with Linda.

From the CRAG report there was no clear rôle for the Library Steward. This has been of great concern throughout the year, with a lot of uncertainty. The Library will come under the remit of the Historical and Archive workgroup led by Doug Hird. I hope a structure will be found within the new workgroup which will allow the Friends of the CC Library, many of whom are the regular users of the Library, to continue and a degree of financial independence to be maintained, with enough volunteers to be available for the tedious but necessary work of sales, distribution and accounting which our current operation requires.

I wish the new workgroup well.

I would like to thank Alan Glover, Paul Johnson, Sue Marsden and Ian Self for their support throughout 2017/18.

ALAN GLOVER (Library Steward)

New Framework - Status Report as at April 15th 2018.

As reported in status updates in The Ringing World (January 26th and March 2nd 2018), developing a new descriptive framework to replace the current CC Decisions (per CRAG Proposal H) has been a very challenging undertaking and has taken longer than hoped. The elements of the CRAG remit (‘simple’, ‘permissive’ and ‘maintain the historical record’) often came into conflict with one another, and there are various different ways in which such a framework can be structured and organized. There are also different mindsets with which the task can be approached (e.g. a framework geared towards mathematical / technical users, vs. one geared towards ‘ordinary ringers’). Finally, because of method ringing’s rich and varied scope, it’s very difficult to create a succinct and unambiguous set of terminology that covers all possible scenarios. The team working on the new framework has exchanged thousands of messages and spent hundreds of hours on the project.

Despite the challenges, we believe we are close to having a draft framework that appropriately balances the various development criteria. We hope to begin a ringing-community-wide consultation on the new framework in early May, and expect that this will run for 2-4 months, depending on the amount of feedback received and the number of iterations of new versions needed.

Since the new framework won’t be complete in time for consideration at the May meeting, the transition motion with the reform proposals includes adopting the existing Decisions as part of the new CC rulebook. CRAG intended the new framework to be the responsibility of the Executive, and under the proposed new CC rules, the Executive would be able to implement the framework before the 2019 meeting, once a full consultation has been completed. This would be subject to the ‘call-in’ provision governing Executive decisions deemed to require further debate.

The key features of the new framework were covered in The Ringing World article of March 2nd (pages 198-199). The latest version of the framework can be viewed at https://cccbr.github.io/method_ringing_framework. The framework website includes both the material intended to become the formal framework (Sections 3-9, excluding explanatory material that is revealed by clicking on the ‘+’ buttons), as well as other ancillary material (such as a description of place notation) that is intended to be maintained by the CC’s technical workgroup.

Members of the team developing the new framework will be pleased to answer any questions and discuss any points that attendees would like to raise during the CC weekend in Lancaster.

TIM BARNES (on behalf of the task group)

Central Council Meeting Papers, April 27, 2018

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