1. Master’s welcome

    The meeting was held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Guild Master - Pete Jordan, supported by Vice-Master - Allan Yalden, Hon. Gen. Secretary - Steve Lamb, Hon. Gen. Treasurer - Helen Woolford, Minute Secretary - Tony Smith and Zoom Pro Host - Peter Niblett, opened the meeting at 10.15 a.m. The Master welcomed those present, explained how to ask questions and said a prayer.

  2. The following 94 members and one guest attended: Liz South (St. Lawrence, Alton), Lizzie Colliss and Carole Pym (Alverstoke), Benjamin Constant and Adam Greenley (All Saints, Basingstoke), Heather Frazer, Lynne & Pete Jordan, Stephen Lutener and Helen Woolford (St. Michael, Basingstoke), Simon Poyser (Bentley), Kathleen Ogilvie Thompson (Binsted), Kim Matthews (Sacred Heart, Bournemouth), Jonathan Barclay Smith (Bramley), Julia Brunt (Bramshott), Stephen Noyes (Brighstone), Barry Fry (Brockenhurst), Marie Boniface, Mark Esbester and Andrew Ramsay (Catherington), Peter Cripps and Robin Milford (Curdridge), James White (Dogmersfield), David Forder (Eling), Shân & Adrian Nash (Eversley), Teresa Brown (Froxfield), Jim Twiney (Hambledon), Gillian Harris (Havant), Roger Barber (Hawkley), Lucy Hopkins Till (Highclere), Janice Higgins, Christine & Peter Hill, Jinny Kufluk, Christine & Ian McCallion, Tessa & Tony Smith, and Pam & Richard Thompson (Hursley), Maggie Hiller (Kingsclere), Carol Higgins, and Bren & John Palk (Lockerley), Sallie & Andy Ingram (Milford-on-Sea), Carolyn & Francis Mitchell (Netley), Andrew & Roger Booth, Elizabeth & Andrew Johnson, and Anthony Stirling (New Alresford), Pauline Stokes (Odiham), Christine & David Holmes (Overton), Madeline King (Petersfield), Ian Carey and David Mattingley (Portsmouth Cathedral), Allan Yalden (Purbrook), Alan Bentley (Ringwood), Rodney Skinner (Ropley), Martin Barnes and Nici Collins (Rotherwick), Viv & Graham Nobbs (Ryde), Rachael Barber, Julia Day and Nick James (Selborne), Betty Daysh and Matthew Wilks (Shedfield), Mary Tester (Shorwell), Steve Castle (Southampton), Mo & Hugh Routh (Steep), Micki Nadal (Stockbridge), Charlotte & Edd Colliss (Swanmore), Dianne & Lyndon Hatfield (Titchfield), Michael Church (Upton Grey), Michael Bubb and John David (Vale), Peter Niblett (Whitchurch), Greg Painter (Wickham), John Colliss, Caroline Fairley, Mike Hopkins Till, Steve Lamb and Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), Christine Knights-Whittome (Wonston), Gail & Bob Cater (York) and Pat Davidson (guest).

    Apologies for absence had been received from Matt Watts (St. Lawrence, Alton), Maggie Ellis, and Betty & Mike Rice (St. Michael, Basingstoke), Barry Pointer (Bishopstoke), Andrew Craddock (Hursley), Jen Churchill (Lockerley), Susan Clutterbuck (Mottisfont), John Davey (Ringwood), Andrew Glover (Romsey), Sarah Cooney (St. Mary Bourne), Sue Craddock (Sparsholt), Micki Nadal (Stockbridge, who joined the meeting later), Tricia Spink (Winchester Cathedral), John Croft (unattached)

  3. Loss of Members from death since the 2020 AGM

    The meeting remembered members: Dorothy Cherrett (LM) (St John, Bournemouth), Peter J Clarke (Independent Examiner since 1992) (Bishopstoke), David Hughes (LM) (Buriton), Gerald Lambert (King’s Somborne), Barrie Linnecor (Vale), Antony J M Perkins (East Meon), R Andrew Routh (LM) (Steep), Lynda Smith (Fawley) and Carol Ward (Candover Valley); and former members: Jean Kelly (Candover Valley), Arthur L Pooles (Wootton St Lawrence), Ronald Sherman (Ringwood) and Colin Slade (New Alresford). The Master said a prayer.

  4. Confirmation of election by the Executive Committee to the office of General Secretary

    At its November meeting the Executive Committee elected Steve Lamb to temporarily fill a vacancy as Hon. Gen. Secretary. The Master proposed and the Hon. Gen. Treasurer seconded that this election be confirmed. There were no other nominations.

  5. Election of Independent Examiner

    The Master referred to the death of Peter Clarke and thanked Lois Blissett for independently examining the Central and BRF accounts for 2020. Charlotte Colliss was proposed by Tony Smith and seconded by Michael Church. There were no other nominations.

  6. Minutes of the 2020 AGM

    The minutes of the 2020 AGM held online were adopted nem. con. on the proposition of Allan Yalden, seconded by Helen Woolford, and signed by Tony Smith, on behalf of the Master, as a true record.

  7. Matters arising

    The Master said no date had yet been fixed for the transfer of the Channel Island churches to the Salisbury diocese but at the Salisbury Guild AGM on 8th May the Channel Island members were elected to the Salisbury Guild [see The Ringing World issue of 28 May 2021, pages 484 to 485].

  8. Life Membership

    Maggie Cobb (Milford-on-Sea) had completed fifty years’ ringing membership of the Guild. The Master congratulated her and hoped to arrange for her to receive her certificate soon.

  9. Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2020

    In reply to a question from Lizzie Colliss on the Communications Committee report, Roger Booth confirmed that the database was stored on the Guild’s Google account and that only Andrew Glover had logon credentials. Lizzie said she would feel more comfortable if there were a few more Guild officers who had access. Ian McCallion agreed with Lizzie and said that it may be a Guild account but he suspected there was only one password. He didn’t know if it were still possible to get a club or small business account for nothing from Google, but that would allow individuals to have their own logon and password which would improve accountability and allow people to be added or removed without having to change the global password.

    Andrew Johnson had a comment on the proposed new website and said that when websites were reorganised links thereto were often broken and asked that historical information be archived and remain accessible.

    The reports were adopted en bloc and nem. con. on the proposition of Steve Lamb, seconded by Allan Yalden.

  10. Bell Restoration Fund

    1. Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2020

      The Hon. Gen. Treasurer said the report and accounts had been independently examined and agreed by the Trustees. The Trustees are required by the Charity Commission to consider the impact of Covid-19 and the accounts will be accompanied by a statement to the effect that the Trustees agree there are sufficient reserves for the foreseeable future.

    2. Grant proposals

      David Mattingley reported that the Trustees met earlier that morning and there were three outstanding grants to Ecchinswell, Brading and Twyford. Three new grant applications had been received:

      • SS Peter & Paul’s, Hawkley for replacing bells four and seven with bells made available by the Keltek Trust, hang the old 7th dead, and work on the historic 5th and 6th at a cost, with local labour, of £44,912 and the Trustees recommend a grant of £7,000.

      • St. Peter’s, Ropley. The Trustees have only received one quote for this work and the application is complicated by being mixed with improvements to the fabric of the church and the level of insurance that is available. The Trustees have agreed to arrange a meeting with the applicant to establish a greater understanding of both the costs and the insurance.

      • St. Mary’s, Newton Valence for new fittings for all five bells, a new six-bell frame, replace the old treble and hang as a service bell, and add a new bell to augment to six at a cost, with local labour, of £50,250 and the Trustees recommend a grant of £7,500.

      The recommended grants were approved on the proposition of Allan Yalden, seconded by John Palk.

  11. Motion

    Andy Ingram proposed and Sallie-Louise Ingram seconded on behalf of the Ringing Schools Committee that the Committee’s name and terms of reference be revised. Specifically that the following rules be amended by deleting the words struck through and inserting the words underlined.

    9.b.v. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES Ringing Schools Teaching Hubs

    10.e. TERMS OF REFERENCE OF COMMITTEES Ringing Schools Committee. To teach members bell-handling to a good and safe standard. Teaching Hubs Committee. To provide advice on setting up teaching hubs, to maintain a record of those teaching hubs established in the Guild area, together with a record of the facilities offered and teachers active within those hubs, to provide an initial point of contact for potential new ringers who wish to learn to ring, and to provide a forum for sharing of experiences and best practice between teaching hubs.

    The motion was passed by the required majority.

  12. Appointment of Committees

    The following were appointed on the proposition of the Master.

    1. Belfry Stewardship

      Martin Barnes, Paul Bailey, Viv Nobbs, John Pereira and Mark Warner.

    2. Communications

      Andrew Glover, Steve Lamb and (proposed by Tony Smith, seconded by Allan Yalden) Lizzie Colliss.

    3. Education

      Andy Ingram, Sallie Ingram, Rachel Barber, Judy Sparling, Anne Tautz and (proposed by Tony Smith, seconded by Helen Woolford) Lizzie Colliss.

    4. Striking Competitions

      Pete Jordan and Peter Niblett.

    5. Teaching Hubs

      Andy Ingram, Sallie Ingram, Martin Barnes, Steve Hough, Kim Matthews, Matt Watts and Matthew Wilks.

    Tony Smith reminded committees that they have the power to co-opt, and asked that the chairmen, when they make their annual reports, tell us any changes in personnel, anyone who has been co-opted or has resigned.

  13. Action Plan Update

    An updated paper had been circulated (see Appendix A). The changes in the different key need areas, highlighted in blue, were summarised by the area leaders: Communications by Steve Lamb; Young ringers by Helen Woolford; Recruitment and retention The Master said that unfortunately Mike Winterbourne has had to step down from leading this and a replacement is needed; Education and Heritage no changes; and an additional key need area Guild Operations by the Master.

  14. Future Guild Events

    11th September 2021 RWNYC, Worcester
    20th November 2021Executive Committee Meeting on Zoom
    21st May 2022Inter-Tower 6 & 8-bell striking competitions in the Christchurch & Southampton District.
    11th June 2022Inter-District 8-bell striking competition in the Alton & Petersfield District
  15. Date and place of 2022 AGM

    Saturday 11th June 2022 in the Alton & Petersfield District.

  16. Any other business

    1. Health and Safety policy. The Master said although we are not legally required to have a Health and Safety policy he thought it was something we should at least consider. Helen Woolford and Graham Brown had drafted a policy that was reviewed by the Executive Committee at its March meeting. There was no immediate need for a policy and changes would be necessary. The Master would like to hear from anyone interested in taking on a position of Health and Safety Officer and developing that policy.

    2. Social Media policy. The Master had circulated a supporting paper and spoke of the need for such a policy (see Appendix B).

    3. Roger Barber made a personal statement. Rodney Skinner commented.

    4. Viv Nobbs made a personal statement.

    5. Steve Castle began a request that the Executive Committee consider another member’s Guild membership but Mark Esbester proposed and Viv Nobbs seconded “Next business” and this was passed by 61 votes to 24. Elizabeth Johnson commented while the poll was being conducted.

    6. Michael Church said that Upton Grey had a problem in restarting ringing because it had little or no ventilation. They had gone to great lengths to install ventilation equipment but he would like to check on its efficiency and wondered if anyone in the Guild had a CO2 sensor that they could borrow. Simon Poyser had an industrial-accuracy wireless sensor, that also detected humidity and air quality, which he could lend to Upton Grey. Lyndon Hatfield said Titchfield was in exactly the same position with a small belfry, no windows and just a door, and he would be interested to hear from anybody else in the same situation and what they are doing. Alan Bentley said he had, in his retired building services engineering capacity, carried out ventilation tests at Lytchett Matravers, Wimborne Minster and Ringwood, and has a CO2 monitor and airflow measurement devices and is more than happy to help at Upton Grey.

    7. Viv Nobbs recorded her personal thanks to the Channel Islands ringers who had done so much to support the Guild over their time with us. She was very sad they were leaving but understood and wished them well. She also congratulated the recipients of two ART Awards: Elizabeth College on receiving the Sarah Beacham Youth Award and Donny Brock on receiving the Learning the Ropes Achievement Award. Viv went on to mention three Public Relations items: The Central Council is building a library of public domain photographs and are running a Photo Gallery Competition. The first category is “Ringing throughout the Seasons”, the closing date is 4th July and there are cash prizes. [see The Ringing World issue of 28 May 2021, page 485]; and ringing opportunities on 5th July to celebrate the NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day and on 26th June for the Ellacombe Chimes Bicentenary [see The Ringing World issue of 5 March 2021, pages 195 to 196].

    8. Anthony Stirling was disappointed at the way the meeting had been run.

    9. John David thanked Viv Nobbs for her comments about Channel Island ringers and showed a headline in today’s Guernsey newspaper that read “Visitors with double vaccine to be welcomed from 1 July”.

There being no further business, the Master closed the meeting at 11.35 a.m.

[After the meeting the Hon. Gen. Secretary announced the results of the draw for the W&P 200 Club at Curdridge on 7th June. The winners were as follows (given by club number, name and prize amount)

32 Piers Armstrong £25; 5 Christine Knights-Whittome £10; 31 Wendy Ling £5; 15 Viv Nobbs £5; 8 Mike Winterbourne £2.50; 14 Rosalind Brandwood £2.50]


W & P Action Plan A.G.M. 2019 - A.G.M. 2022


The following frame work sets out what Guild Officers will work towards over the next few years. Having an Action Plan in place will enable ideas to develop, provide continuity and ensure the Guild is striving to be a relevant entity for its members.

The vision is of a central administration which can provide resources, educational initiatives and public relations representation advice and support, using resources to best advantage whilst encouraging Districts to be more independent and flexible in what they offer in terms of local day to day ringing.

The Action Plan can be developed in detail as appropriate and will significantly take into account members’ feedback including matters of budget. It will be reviewed annually to monitor progress.

  1. Ongoing work:

  2. Key need areas identified:

    1. Communications:
      Leader Steve Lamb: working with Principal officers, Communications team and the GDPR representative.

      Budget: £700

      • Seek out and encourage more ‘relevant experience’ volunteer assistance for the website Timescale: ongoing

      • {discuss at the AGM} It is suggested to replace the existing W&P website with something more modern? We propose to investigate the options and present alternatives with budgets at the November 2021 Executive meeting Timescale: November 2021

      • To hold a series of forums with district secretaries and treasurers to discuss the Guild membership database and the Guild communications database, how it will be used at various levels and how data is securely stored including the implications of GDPR.

      • Seek out and establish a small group of ‘News Ambassadors’ in local areas to work alongside the Communications Team. Timescale: ongoing

      • Review GDPR policy and provide relevant training and guidance to key district and guild officers. Timescale: June 2020

    2. Young Ringers:
      Leader Helen Woolford: working with Principal Officers, W&P Young Ringers Group and the Safeguarding Officer.

      Budget: £0

      • Support the Safeguarding Officer to review the Safeguarding policy and seek its approval by the Executive Committee. Once approved, push out the policy to all towers. Timescale: Completed- Policy approved at March 2021 Executive Committee. Guild Secretary disseminated the Policy to Districts for onwards distribution to all towers.

      • Work with the safeguarding officer to provide available training for protection of young and vulnerable people. Timescale: March 2022

      • Gain knowledge of young ringers groups and work with these to maintain and increase easy access to the Young Ringers’ groups training and events, and available financial support. Timescale: June 2022

      • Assist districts with strategies for recruitment of young ringers at a local level and creation of local young ringers groups. Timescale: June 2022

      • Work with young ringers to develop a programme of Guild events specifically designed for them (outings, competitions etc.) Timescale: Dependant on situation when returning to ringing after covid pandemic.

    3. Recruitment and Retention:
      Leader TBD: working with Principal officers, Education Committee, communications team and Local districts.

      Budget: £40

      • Garner available and appropriate resources, including financial, to ensure there is a continuous supply of new ringers and that they are well-trained and motivated for the long term benefit of all. Timescale: June 2022

      • Consider new opportunities for recruitment initiatives at local level. Timescale: Sept 2021 - Action - Districts

      • Learn to ring events. Timescale: March 2022

      • Investigate opportunities to assist with funding of recruitment and retention. Timescale: March 2022

      • Identify and publish towers able to train new ringers on behalf of struggling towers, as well as for their own benefit. Timescale: March 2022

      • Develop ‘new ringer welcome pack’ and ‘Welcome Back to Ringing pack’. Timescale: September 2021 - Viv Nobbs & Pete Jordan

    4. Education:
      Leader Pete Jordan: working with Principal officers, Education Committee and Local Districts

      Budget: £0

      • Following covid-19 Lockdown, provide a support raft of resources to equip districts and towers to ensure that bells and fittings are in a safe condition to restart ringing activities and to provide support and retraining where required to returning ringers. Timescale: June 2021

      • Each district to plan how they can support recruitment and training new ringers once in a legal and safe position to resume one to one training. This to be based on local resources available to give a secure path for retaining new recruits. Timescale: June 2021

      • Across the Guild area, support educational initiatives, especially those improving the quality and sustainability of ringing and ringing teaching. Timescale: June 2022

      • Encourage ‘relevant experience’ volunteer assistance at local training events. Timescale: June 2021

      • Develop strategies to provide key support for training at district level. Timescale: June 2021

    5. Heritage:
      Leader Allan Yalden: working with Principal officers, Local Districts and the Education committee.

      Budget: £150

      • Consider further action to protect our heritage, including undertaking and archiving audio recordings of bells for future generations, and photographing peal boards and other significant historic artefacts. Timescale: To seek a volunteer or more to gather firstly the audio by end of 2021 and then the peal board pictures using lessons learned from the initial action by end 2022. Help may also be needed from the Comms team.

      • Develop local training for Steeple keepers to help maintain bells for the future. There is support for this from the S&M workgroup of the Central Council. A spanner’s group is thought to be possible as each towers requirement has a different engineering challenge. Timescale: end 2022

      • Investigate ways to support local tower maintenance through the BRF, maintenance groups or centralised resources. Timescale: see above

      • Continue with update and completion of the bell stock survey. A trial is in place to link this to the Dove website Timescale: June 2022

    6. Guild Operations:
      Leader Pete Jordan: working with Principal officers, to act as a top level focal point between the Belfry Stewardship Committee, BRF Trustees & Guild membership.

      Budget: £0

      Mission statement

      To consult with the membership with regarding to reviewing the operation of the Guild and make recommendations for the years ahead.

      Scope of work

      • BRF focus

        • Investment of surplus BRF funds to maintain capital value

        • BRF grant levels

        • Likely implications of Covid-19 and reduction in parish income

      • Belfry Stewardship focus

        • Updating and completion of bell stock survey to inform future decision making. Data consistency.

        • How maintenance inspection scheme should work in practice. Professional / internal inspection? Training?

        • Review rule 23 (Redundant bells), especially in light of possible future redundancies and the activities of the Keltek Trust

      • Guild membership focus

        • Consultation (survey) membership to establish what benefits they value from their membership - how would they like to see their subs used? What benefits would they like?

        • Encouraging Districts to use their surplus funds (Rule 16)

        • Use of the Training & Development Fund

        • Fund-raising ideas from other Guilds & Associations - existing - district practices / 200 club. What do we need this for? Fund raising at local level for local projects. Do the members want this?

        • Subscription levels in the light of the above

        • Would charitable status of whole Guild (not just BRF) be of benefit - gift aid & more flexibility etc.

      To report back to the Executive committee and AGM 2022.

  3. Future events:

Rev 1.4 07/06/2021


Guild Social media policy.

The Guild Facebook, Twitter and email groups are a great way for members to share stories, thoughts and to make requests for help etc. Whilst the Guild supports and encourages free speech there are currently no defined boundaries as to what is acceptable and what is not. This makes administration of the groups difficult to moderate if the need arises.

We are proposing to consider what is currently titled a social media policy but may potentially extend to more of a behaviour policy if thought appropriate, to:

It is hoped to have a draft policy for review by the Executive committee in November.

I would like to invite the Administrators for all Guild social media and email groups to help to draft this policy, as they are the members who will use it to help guide them for the future, along with any other interested parties who feel that they would like to contribute.

I plan to call an initial scoping meeting in the coming weeks so please let me know if you think you can add something and wish to volunteer.

Pete Jordan.