Proposal to increase W&P Guild membership subscriptions.

At the March 2022 Exec meeting the subject of Guild membership fees, and future spending requirements for the Guild were discussed. The Executive committee voted on and agreed to present a motion to the Guild AGM to increase membership fees for Full, Senior and Student members in support of this requirement.

So what do we need the additional funds for?

The proposed increase is as follows

Full member increase from £10 to £15

Senior Member increase from £7.50 to £12.50

Student Member increase from £6.50 to £10

There is no proposed increase to Probationary Membership

This increase is less than a couple of cups of coffee in town or a pint of quality beer at your local and compared to many other sports and hobbies represents great value for money.

Helen Woolford Pete Jordan
Hon. General TreasurerMaster