The 2014 Inter-Tower competitions were held in Alton on 17 May, the 6-bell competition at All Saints judged by Tom Hinks and Steph Hills, and the 8-bell at St Lawrence judged by Paul and Kate Flavell.

Inter-Tower 6-bell

PositionTowerMethodPeal SpeedFaultsDrawn
1stEling & FawleyGrandsire Doubles2h39215th
2ndSt Mary BourneGrandsire Doubles2h49243rd
3rdBasingstokePlain Bob Doubles2h51311st
4thAltonPlain Bob Doubles2h53364th
5thChawtonCall Changes832nd

Inter-Tower 8-bell

PositionTowerMethodPeal SpeedScoreDrawn
1stHursleyCambridge Surprise Major3h783%1st
2ndRomseyGrandsire Triples3h1381%2nd
3rdBishopstokeGrandsire Triples3h178%4th
4thBradingCall Changes59%3rd

Inter-District 8-bell

The 2014 Inter-District 8-bell competition was held at Hurstbourne Priors on 5 July judged by Brian Woodruffe.

1stChristchurch & SouthamptonGrandsire Triples245th
2ndPortsmouthGrandsire Triples261st
3rdWinchesterCambridge Surprise Major272nd
4thAlton & PetersfieldGrandsire Triples543rd
5thChannel IslandsGrandsire Triples634th

Striking Competition Committee Accounts as at 31/12/14
Balance b/f3.99Balance c/f3.99


The fee for entering striking competitions was removed in 2013.

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