The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Minutes of the Second Session of the 35th Council (97th Annual Meeting), held in the Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford, on Tuesday 31st May 1994


Life Members: E A Barnett, Miss D E Colgate, F E Dukes, H W Egglestone, C K Lewis, W F Moreton, C A Wratten.
Ex Officio Member: R J Johnston.
Honorary Members: A E Bagworth, D W Beard, Mrs S Bianco, E Billings, M J Church, S J Coleman, R J Cooles, W H Dobbie, R H Dove, J C Eisel, A J Frost, J D Gallimore*, E G H Godfrey, M H D O’Callaghan, D J Roberts, Miss E St. John-Smith, Miss J Sanderson, Preb J G M Scott, D G Thorne, Mrs M J Wilkinson.
Ancient Society of College Youths: A R Kench, A J Phillips, A N Stubbs, A W R Wilby.
Australia & New Zealand Assn: P M J Gray, M J Stone.
Bath & Wells Dio. Assn: Mrs C A Bedding, D J Buckley, D J Kelly, G W Massey.
Bedfordshire Assn: P J S Albon, K Lewin, A H Smith.
Beverley & Dist. Society: P S Andrews, M J de C Henshaw.
Cambridge Univ. Guild: S C Walters.
Carlisle Dio. Guild: Miss R M Rodway.
Chester Dio. Guild: P Dyson, C Mitchell*, N Thomson.
Coventry Dio. Guild: P Border, A J Illingworth, H M Windsor, Mrs B A Winter.
Derby Dio Assn: G A Halls, Miss J E Boden, B N Trowbridge.
Devon Assn: M C Way.
Devonshire Guild: P L Bill, F D Mack, M E C Mears.
Dorset County Assn: D R Bugler*, Mrs M E Frost*, A G Smith*.
Durham & Newcastle Dio. Assn: N A Johnson, D G Walker, R R Warford, Mrs B M Wheeler.
Durham Univ. Society: Revd P Newing.
E. Derbys & W. Notts Assn: A Dempster.
E. Grinstead & Dist. Guild: A N Brock.
Ely Dio Assn: G E Bonham, M B Davies, B B Hullah*, P S Seaman.
Essex Assn: J Armstrong, F J P Bone, F B Lufkin, D Sloman.
Gloucester & Bristol Dio. Assn: Revd D Cawley, Dr A Newing, J M Pearse, D A Strong.
Guildford Dio. Guild: W J Couperthwaite, J R Pratt, C H Rogers, R J Walker.
Hereford Dio. Guild: J J P Ellams, N R Mattingley, J F I Turney.
Hertford County Assn: A F Alldrick, J R Mayne, Miss D M Robotham, B C Watson.
Irish Assn: M J Pomeroy, Ms J Thompson*.
Kent County Assn: F W Lewis, D C Manger, D H Niblett, Mrs D R Wraight.
Ladies Guild: Miss F Cannon, Miss T Crowder, Mrs C Higby.
Lancashire Assn: J Kershaw, Mrs A E Pettifor*, D R Pettifor, P A Thompson.
Leeds Univ. Society: M Pidd.
Leicester Dio. Guild: A Cattell, Mrs C N J Franklin, J M Jelley, B G Warwick.
Lichfield Archd. Society: S C W Hutchieson, J F Mulvey, S G Pick.
Lincoln Dio Guild: A D H Bird, A R Heppenstall, G R Parker, L G Townsend.
Liverpool Univ. Society: S J Flockton.
Llandaff & Monmouth Dio. Assn: Dr J C Baldwin, P S Bennett, Revd J M Hughes.
London County Assn: R G Booth, J E Hawes, E G Mould, H W Rogers.
Manchester Univ. Guild: R M G Ward.
Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild: R Bailey, F T Blagrove, G E J A Doughty, M Herbert.
National Police Guild: B F Peachey.
N. American Guild: D F Morrison, P Trotman (alt. member).
N. Staffordshire Assn: Mrs W Daw, P W Gay.
N. Wales Assn: Miss D A Jones, E M Jones.
Norwich Dio. Assn: Mrs G M Hodgkinson, D R McLean, J B Morley, R J Parker.
Oxford Dio. Guild: W Butler, J A Harrison, J R Martin, T G Pett.
Oxford Society: B J Stone.
Oxford Univ. Society: P Q Armitage, P D Niblett.
Peterborough Dio. Guild: C J Groome, B Gross, D J Jones, J Weaver.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths: J S Barnes, I H Oram, Miss S J Pattenden, D E Sibson.
St. Martin’s Guild: J A Anderson, P R J Barnes.
Salisbury Dio. Guild: A J Howes, A C D Lovell-Wood, A P Nicholson, Mrs J A Robertson.
Scottish Assn: N E Booth, P J Shipton.
Society of Sherwood Youths: R E H Woolley.
Shropshire Assn: F M Mitchell.
Southwell Dio. Guild: G A Dawson, A B Mills, B A Richards.
Suffolk Guild: S D Pettman, Revd L R Pizzey, D G Salter*, A R Smith.
Surrey Assn: J D Cheesman, N J Goodship, K J Matthews, C Ridley.
Sussex County Assn: A R Baldock, M C W Sherwood, I V J Smith.
Transvaal Society: Mrs A Davies.
Truro Dio. Guild: A F Burley, R J Perry, P J Tremain.
Universities Assn: Revd M C C Melville.
Univ. Bristol Society: C M Foster.
Univ. London Society: G Barr.
Veronese Assn: Dr A M Hodge, R G T Morris.
Winchester & Portsmouth Dio. Guild: R Cater, A G Craddock, D C Jackson, A P Smith.
Worcestershire & Districts Assn: C M Povey*, A Roberts, R F B Speed, S J T Wilmshurst*.
Yorkshire Assn: N Donovan, Revd G C Galley, R N Moreton*, Mrs E S Riley.
Zimbabwe Guild: Miss A M Phillips.

The Midland Counties Guild, St. David’s Diocesan Guild, South African Guild and Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Guild were not represented.

1. Report as to membership and subscriptions:

The Hon Secretary (Mr C H Rogers) reported that 68 societies were affiliated to the Council, with 187 representatives. Subscriptions had been received from all affiliated societies except the St. David’s Diocesan Guild. There were one ex officio, nine Life and 21 Honorary members.

2. Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from Messrs W B Cartwright and F E Collins (Life members), Mr A P S Berry (Honorary member) and Messrs P J Agg, P Avesani, P Belgeonne, D Bleby, B J Bull, A Consolaro, P A Cummins, A S Hudson, P T Hurcombe, A J Martin, R G Powell, M Quimby and A J Sinden.

3. Application to affiliate to the Council

A proposal that the Dorset County Association should be affiliated to the Council was moved by Mr D A Strong, seconded by Mr G E Bonham and approved.

4. Welcome to new members:

The President (Prof R J Johnston) welcomed new members present (indicated by * in the list of those attending).

5. Losses of members through death:

Members stood in silence as the Hon Secretary read the list of former Council members who had died since the last meeting: D A Bayles (Durham & Newcastle DA 1960-78, Honorary member 1978-81); W H Viggers (Honorary member 1949-57 and 1973-87, Guildford DG 1957-72); W C Boucher (Truro DG 1957-92); E S J Hatcher (Kent CA 1948-50 and 1954-9, Honorary member 1952-3); Canon K W H Felstead (Winchester & Portsmouth DG 1946-72, Honorary member 1972-86); J S Walton (Bath & Wells DA 1972-83). The Revd G C Galley led members in prayer.

6. Election of Honorary Members:

Messrs A E Bagworth, A P S Berry, W H Dobbie and R H Dove, Mrs K Flavell, Miss E St John-Smith, Messrs R B Smith, J R Taylor and D G Thorne and Mrs M J Wilkinson were individually elected Honorary Members.

7. Minutes of the previous meeting:

The Minutes of the meeting held on 1 June 1993, as published in The Ringing World of 11 March 1994 and corrected with the addition of M J Stone of the Australia and New Zealand Association to the list of members present, were adopted on the proposition of the Hon Secretary, seconded by C J Groome.

8. Report of the Hon Secretary and Treasurer:
(RW 22 April 1994, p.409)

The report was adopted on the proposition of the Hon Secretary, seconded by C J Groome.

9. Accounts for 1993:
(RW 22 April 1994, p.408-9)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon Secretary, seconded by C J Groome.

10. Motions:

(a) Ringing Centres Committee

On behalf of the Ringing Centres Committee, Miss S J Pattenden proposed and C J Groome seconded:

“That the following be added to Rule 14(ii) (Appointment of Committees): ‘(n) Ringing Centres’; and that the following be added to Rule 15 (Terms of Reference of Committees):

‘(xv) The Ringing Centres Committee

To promote, set minimum standards for, and provide information on ringing centres; to evaluate proposals for the formation of centres against the standards agreed by the Council, and where appropriate to recognise centres on behalf of the Council; and to administer funds provided by the Council for setting up centres.’”

The motion was passed.

(b) Representation of Societies on the Council

On behalf of the Administrative Committee, the Hon Secretary proposed and Mrs M J Wilkinson seconded:

“That the following be added to Rule 5(i) after ‘50-150 members’: ‘(25-150 members in the case of societies operating wholly outside the British Isles)’”

The motion was passed.

11. Committee reports
(The reports were published in The Ringing World issues of 8, 15, 22 and 29 April 1994. The relevant page numbers are given against each report.)

(a) Administrative (pp.409-10)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon Secretary, seconded by M J Church.

On consideration of a report on Council meeting arrangements forwarded by the Administrative Committee, it was agreed that:

(i) The annual meeting of the Council shall normally be held on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday;

(ii) A party or reception should continue to be held on the evening before the meeting, preceded by a church service, preferably Holy Communion;

(iii) Open meetings should be held only when a pressing topic has been identified;

(iv) The Council meeting should continue to start at 10 a.m. and the Annual Meeting of The Ringing World Ltd should take place immediately after either the lunch or the tea break.

P W Gay and D J Jones were elected by ballot to fill two vacancies on the Committee.

(b) Bell Restoration Funds (pp.354-5)

Adopted on the proposition of J S Barnes, seconded by A R Smith.

(c) Biographies (p.353)

Adopted on the proposition of D J Roberts, seconded by G A Dawson.

(d) Computer Co-ordination (p.354)

Adopted on the proposition of A G Craddock, seconded by P Q Armitage.

(e) Education (p.437)

Adopted on the proposition of N R Mattingley, seconded by J A Harrison.

P S Seaman was elected to fill a vacancy on the Committee.

(f) Library (pp.353-4)

Adopted on the proposition of Miss J Sanderson, seconded by J C Eisel.

(g) Methods (p.355)

Adopted on the proposition of A P Smith, seconded by P D Niblett.

(h) Peal Compositions (p.440)

Adopted on the proposition of R Bailey, seconded by P R J Barnes.

(i) Peals Analysis (pp.438-9)

Adopted on the proposition of D H Niblett, seconded by T G Pett.

(j) Public Relations (pp.381-2)

Adopted on the proposition of S J Coleman, seconded by A J Illingworth.

(k) Publications (p.411)

Adopted on the proposition of W J Couperthwaite, seconded by J R Pratt.

(l) Records (pp.383-4)

Adopted, subject to amendments circulated at the meeting (RW 1 July 1994, p.664), on the proposition of D E Sibson, seconded by J R Mayne.

(m) Redundant Bells (pp.382-3)

Adopted on the proposition of G W Massey, seconded by Mrs M J Wilkinson.

(n) Ringing Centres (p.383)

Adopted on the proposition of Miss S J Pattenden, seconded by C J Groome.

(o) Towers and Belfries (p.381)

Adopted on the proposition of A J Frost, seconded by G A Dawson.

P S Bennett and J R Taylor were elected to fill two vacancies on the Committee.

12. Report of the Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine:
(RW 15 April 1994, p.381)

Adopted on the proposition of A E Bagworth, seconded by W H Dobbie.

13. Report of the Steward of the Rolls of Honour:
(RW 15 April 1994, p.381)

Adopted on the proposition of A J Phillips, seconded by A R Kench.

14. Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells:
(RW 22 April 1994, p.412)

The report and accounts were adopted on the proposition of R J Cooles, seconded by M H D O’Callaghan.

15. Future meetings:

Invitations from the Lancashire Association, the North Wales Association and the Suffolk Guild for the Council to meet in their areas in 2001, 2003 and 2000 respectively were noted.

16. Other business

(i) D J Jones spoke of the cost to the Peterborough DG arising from damage caused in a church on an open day.

(ii) J S Barnes sought advice on tax-effective giving on gifts intended for overseas, and suggested that a Council-led millennium project should be directed at the recruitment, retention and training of ringers.

17. Votes of thanks

On behalf of the Council the President warmly thanked the officers and members of the North Staffordshire Association and all others who had contributed to the success of the meeting.

Summary of Attendance
Wholly represented54148-
Partly represented112612
Not represented4-4

Life members72
Ex officio member1-
Honorary members201


The Ringing World, February 17, 1995, pages 163 to 164

(Archivist’s note: also absent were G. H. Pascoe (Devon Assn.), J. W. Lewis (St. David’s Dio. Guild) and A. R. Lewis (Swansea and Brecon Dio. Guild))

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