The Seventeenth Annual Meeting was held, by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter, in the Chapter House of Exeter Cathedral on Whitsun Tuesday, 21st May, 1907, when there were present 48 out of 89 elected representatives, and 2 out of 10 honorary members.

Expressions of regret for absence were received from the Revs. A. H. F. Boughey, E. W. Carpenter, C. E. Matthews and Canon Papillon, and from Messrs. C. E. Borrett (for himself and the other three Norwich representatives), J. Carter, J. S. Pritchett, and A. W. Searle.

The minutes of the previous meeting having been read, passed and signed, the Hon. Treasurer submitted the statement of accounts, of which the following is a summary: Balance from last year £42 3s. 10d.; Affiliation Fees £11 5s.; Sale of Publications £2 2s. 4d., making a total of £55 11s. 2d. The expenditure had been- Expenses of last meeting £3 17s.; printing 12s.; expenses of committee 15s.; leaving in the bank a balance of £50 7s. 2d. To this might be added the estimated nett value of publications now in the hands of publishers £81 11s. 6d., making the total nett assets of the Council £131 18s. 1d.

The Hon. Treasurer also read the report of the Council’s Publishers, Messrs. Bemrose and Sons, with regard to the sales of publications for the past year, reporting to the meeting that he had examined them throughout and found them correct.

On the proposal of the Rev. F. E. Robinson, seconded by Mr. W. Snowdon, the accounts, which had previously been audited in detail by the Standing Committee, were passed unanimously.

The Hon. Secretary informed the Council that the Llandaff Diocesan Association had become affiliated, and had duly paid the requisite fee, but had not yet elected any representative.

It was proposed by Mr. J. Griffin, seconded by the Rev. W. W. C. Baker, and carried unanimously, that the Rev. A. H. F. Boughey and Mr. W. H. Thompson, the two retiring honorary members, be re-elected.

On the proposal of the Rev. W. W. C. Baker, seconded by the Rev. F. E. Robinson, Mr. Harold Richardson, who would within the following few days be entering Holy Orders, was, nem. con. elected an honorary member.

Mr. B. Prewett, representing the Herts. County Association, Mr. J. Clark, of the Hereford Diocesan Guild, and Mr. E. Burgess, of the Bath and Wells Diocesan Association, were introduced to the President, and took their seats on the Council.

The President then gave a stirring address to the Council on the inimical spirit of the present majority in the House of Commons towards the Church, urging upon the members the duty of watchfulness and energy on behalf of the interests of the Church, his speech being warmly applauded at the close.

On behalf of the Peal Collection Committee, Dr. A. B. Carpenter reported that owing to delay on the part of the printer no real progress had been made. On the suggestion of the President it was resolved to leave the matter in the hands of the Standing Committee.

For the Church Press Committee Mr. R. A. Daniell submitted the draft copy of a Descriptive Catalogue of Ringing Works which was then nearly complete, and proposed that it be published in “The Bell News.” This having been seconded by the Rev. M. Kelly, was carried, as was also a resolution proposed by Mr. F. Bennett, and seconded by Mr. F. Wilford, that it be also published in “The Bellringer.”

Speaking for the Committee on Peal Values, Mr. R. S. Story reported that in their opinion peals rung “double-handed” on handbells should be accorded the same number of points as would have been given to the same composition if rung in the usual manner upon tower bells. The Report, after slight verbal amendment on the suggestion of the Rev. H. Law James, was, on the proposal of Mr. Story, seconded by Mr. G. F. Attree, adopted nem. con.

For the Committee on Legitimate Methods the Rev. H. Law James stated that the Collection of Methods was complete so far as concerned Doubles, Minor and Triples, and moved that the Collection be printed at the expense of the Council. This was seconded by Mr. Cartwright, and, with the addition that one thousand copies be the number to be so printed, proposed by the Rev. H. A. Cockey, and seconded by the Rev. H. Drake, was unanimously carried.

Mr. A. T. King reported for the Peal Analysis Committee to the effect that the arrears of Analysis had been cleared off, those for 1904 and 1905 having been published in “The Bell News” by the Committee since their appointment last year, and that for 1906 having been forwarded for publication. He said that the Committee felt the urgent necessity of being empowered to consult directly with the Peal Values Committee as often as required during the course of the year. To this the President replied that the Committee were undoubtedly free to take this course provided always that they reported the fact to the next meeting of Council.

A question having been asked and a full discussion having been held as to the inclusion or exclusion of one particular peal in the Analysis for 1906, it was clearly explained by the President that so far as concerned the Analysis Committee, their simple duty was to record all peals allowed and passed by the Guild or Association under whose auspices they were rung and published in “The Bell News,” while, as concerned the Council, it was emphatically not a Court of Appeal. He further stated in reply to an enquiry from Mr. King as to the duration of the Committee’s work that the Committee were appointed to continue their work during the term of the Council.

On the proposal of Mr. King, seconded by Mr. R. S. Story, the Report was adopted, and on the proposal of the Rev. F. E. Robinson, seconded by Mr. W. Snowdon, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to the Committee for the work already done.

Mr. W. Snowdon, in a long speech, setting forth the history and various bearings of the question, proposed that certain additions be made to the definition of a “Surprise” method as defined in the Glossary. This having been formally seconded by the Hon. Secretary, and having been fully discussed, was lost by a large majority.

It was proposed by the Rev. H. Drake, and seconded by Mr. F. B. Tompkins, that a Committee be asked to discuss the practicability of a Benevolent Fund for Ringers. On being put to the meeting the proposal was negatived by a substantial majority.

In a thoughtful and interesting speech the Rev. H. J. Elsee initiated a discussion on the question “Is too much stress laid upon peal-ringing by ringers of the present day?” His remarks led to an instructive interchange of views and opinions on the various aspects of the subject, among those contributing to the discussion being the Hon. Secretary, Mr. G. F. Attree, Mr. A. T. King, Rev. F. E. Robinson, and Mr. R. A. Daniell, the debate being concluded by the President. No vote was taken.

The Rev. H. A. Cockey asked whether, in the event of a representative member ceasing to be, during the term of Council for which he was elected, as member of the Guild or Association that elected him, his seat on the Council thereby became vacant.

The Rev. M. Kelly having called attention to the wording of the second rule, it was stated by the President that the rule seemed quite clear on the point, and that under the circumstances supposed the representative member had ipso facto vacated his seat on the Council.

It was proposed by the President, and seconded by the Rev. F. E. Robinson that, provided satisfactory arrangements could be made, the meeting next year be held at Cambridge, but that failing this the meeting be held at Ipswich. Carried unanimously.

On the proposal of the Rev. F. E. Robinson, seconded by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, a cordial vote of thanks was unanimously passed to the Dean and Chapter of Exeter for their kindness in placing the Chapter House at the disposal of the Council for the annual meeting.

It was proposed by the Hon. Secretary, and seconded by the Rev. W. W. C. Baker, that a hearty vote of thanks be given to the Rev. Maitland Kelly for the invaluable aid that he had given in making arrangements for the meeting, and for the comfort and enjoyment of the members, and especially for his kindness in inviting them all to tea.

This having been passed amid cheers, a cordial vote of thanks to the President was proposed by the Rev. F. E. Robinson, seconded by Mr. Snowdon, and passed with acclamation.

The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, July 20, 1907, page 209

SCHEDULE OF ATTENDANCES at the Meeting held in the Chapter House of Exeter Cathedral on Whitsun Tuesday, 21st May, 1907.
Ancient Soc. of College YouthsArthur HughesW. T. CockerillNorthants (Central) AssociationF. Wilford
E. P. O’MearaNorth Notts AssociationH. Haigh
T. H. TaffenderNorth Wales AssociationRev. T. Lewis Jones
Royal Cumberland YouthsH. DainsT. CardNorwich Diocesan AssociationC. E. Borrett
R. A. DaniellW. L. Catchpole
James ParkerCharles Mee
Bath and Wells Dio. AssociationE. E. BurgessRev. Claud C. ParkerJ. Motts
Bedfordshire AssociationRev. W. W. C. BakerOxford Diocesan GuildRev. G. F. ColeridgeF. W. Hopgood
Birmingham Diocesan GuildW. H. GoddenRev. C. W. O. Jenkyn
Chester Diocesan GuildR. T. HoldingJames DillonRev. F. E. Robinson
Cleveland and N. Yorks. Assn.G. J. ClarksonSalisbury Diocesan GuildRev. H. E. T. Bassett
Rev. W. P. WrightRev. H. Drake
Devonshire GuildRev. M. KellyA. W. SearleA. F. Martin Stewart
Durham and Newcastle Dio. Assn.R. S. StoryW. T. RobsonSalop Archidiaconal SocietyJohn Bradney
C. L. RoutledgeStafford Archidiaconal SocietyR. Cartwright
Ely Diocesan AssociationRev. R. L. TwellsS. Reeves
Essex County AssociationW. J. NevardC. H. HowardSurrey County AssociationA. B. Carpenter, M.D.
Rev. T. L. PapillonCharles Dean
N. J. PitstowSussex County AssociationG. F. Attree
Gloucester and Bristol Dio. Assn.Rev. H. A. CockeyRev. E. Bankes JamesF. Bennett
F. G. MayF. B. Tompkins
Hereford Diocesan GuildJ. ClarkJ. G. BuchananG. Watson
Hertford County AssociationBertram PrewettWinchester Diocesan GuildH. WhiteRev. C. E. Matthews
Irish AssociationR. R. Cherry, K.C., M.P.J. W. Whiting
Kent County AssociationE. BarnettJ. H. CheesmanC. Willshire
Rev. F. J. O. HelmoreW. HaighWorcestershire and DistrictsT. J. Salter
Lancashire AssociationJ. AspinwallJohn Smith
H. ChapmanYorkshire AssociationC. H. HattersleyG. Bolland
Rev. H. J. ElseeW. SnowdonJ. W. T. Holgate
R. Ridyard
Leeds and District AssociationW. P. CordingleyHonorary MembersRev. C. D. P. DaviesRev. A. H. F. Boughey
Lincoln Diocesan GuildRev. H. Law JamesG. ChesterG. WilliamsW. H. Thompson, esq.
R. RichardsonC. W. P. CliftonRev. E. W. Carpenter
Liverpool Diocesan GuildW. BenthamJohn Carter
Llandaff Diocesan AssociationNot electedTom Lockwood
London County AssociationG. R. FardonJames Pettit
C. F. WinneyJ. S. Pritchett
Middlesex County AssociationA. T. KingJ. BasdenJ. A. Trollope
J. Waghorn
Midland Counties AssociationJoseph Griffin
Sir A. Heywood, Bart.
John W. Taylor
W. E. White





The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, May 25, 1907, page 113

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