The Third Session of the Seventh Council (21st Annual Meeting) was held in the Old Town Hall at Leicester on Whitsun Tuesday, June 6th, 1911, when there were present 51 out of 96 representative members, and 9 out of 13 honorary members, making a total of 60 members present.

The chair was taken at 11 a.m. by Sir Arthur Heywood, Bart., the President.

The minutes of the last meeting having been read and signed, the Hon. Secretary reported that, in accordance with the resolution passed last year, he had conveyed the condolence of the Council to Mrs. Robinson, and read the reply that had been received.

At this point the Rev. C. W. O. Jenkyn called attention to the position of the fund for the erection of a memorial to the late Rev. F. E. Robinson, and, after discussion of the subject, in which many members joined, proposed that "In the event of the required amount of £300 not being in the hands of the Robinson Memorial Committee by the end of August, the Council sees no objection to the committee re-considering what form the memorial should take." This was seconded by the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, and adopted.

The Rev. G. F. Coleridge proposed that "The Council having in grateful recollection the many and great services rendered to the Exercise by the late Mr. R. S. Story, do hereby instruct the Honorary Secretary to send a letter expressing sincere sympathy with Mrs. Story and family in their bereavement." This having been seconded by the Rev. H. A. Cockey, and feelingly supported by the President, was unanimously adopted in silence, the members rising.

The Hon. Secretary then read the statement of accounts, of which the following is a summary: Balance from last year £52 18s. 1d.; Affiliation Fees £12; Sale of Publications £2 6s. 1d. Against this there was, Expenses of last year's meeting £2 9s. 6d.; Insurance and Committee's expenses 7s., Postage and Printing 12s., leaving in hand a present balance of £63 15s. 8d.

He also read the principal items in the account of Sales of Publications, rendered by Messrs. Allen, stating that he had examined them carefully in detail, and had found them correct, that he estimated the net value of those remaining in hand at £126 19s. 6d. The accounts, which had been previously audited in detail by the Standing Committee, were passed, on the proposal of the Rev. G. F. Coleridge, seconded by Mr. F. B. Tompkins.

It was proposed by the Rev. C. E. Matthews, seconded by Mr. H. White, and carried unanimously, that the Rev. E. W. Carpenter be re-elected an honorary member, and the name of Mr. H. W. Wilde being also added to the list, on the proposal of Mr. E. H. Lewis, seconded by Mr. W. E. White.

The Hon. Secretary announced that expressions of regret for absence had been received from the Revs. H. E. Tilney Bassett and Canon Papillon, and from Messrs. C. E. Borrett, R. Cartwright, H. Dains, R. A. Daniell, J. Parker, and J. R. Sharman.

The Rev. A. T. Beeston, representing the Chester Guild, and Mr. J. W. Parker, an Honorary Member, were introduced to, and shook hands with the president.

On behalf of the Peal Collection Committee, the Rev. H. S. T. Richardson reported progress with regard to the Treble Bob section, and on the proposal of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by the Rev. H. S. T. Richardson, Mr. H. W. Wilde was added to the Committee.

In the absence of Mr. R. A. Daniell, through indisposition, no formal Report was presented in connection with the work of the Church Press Committee, but it was understood that the work was making due progress.

The Rev. H. Law James reported progress on behalf on the Committee for the Collection of Legitimate Methods.

For the Peal Values' Committee Dr. Carpenter brought forward a Schedule of Points for Peals on seven bells and upward, founded on the formula VN2 ÷ 64 together with a Schedule of Points for Peals of Minor, stating that the Committee recommended three points for 42 six-scores of Doubles, and proposed the adoption of the whole. This having been seconded by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. Griffin proposed as an amendment to the Schedule of Points for Triples and upward a Schedule founded on the formula VN3/2 ÷ 83/2 the amendment being seconded by Mr. A. T. King. The President at this point advised that if it were adopted it would be best to refer it to the Peal Values' Committee for their consideration, and it was carried in this form by 25 votes to 12.

With respect to the Schedule for peals of Minor, it was agreed on the proposal of the Rev. E. W. Carpenter, seconded by Mr. J. Griffin, that it be referred to the Committee, specially with reference to certain suggestions which had been put forward by Mr. J. S. Pritchett and the Hon. Secretary.

On the motion of Mr. A. T. King, seconded by Mr. J. Griffin, the Analysis of Peals for the year 1910 was unanimously adopted, the thanks of the Council being accorded to the Committee for their laborious and valuable work.

The Rev. H. Law James proposed, and Mr. R. Richardson seconded, "That nothing shall be recognised as a peal of Minor unless it consists of at least seven true and complete 720s, but that the 5040 may be extended by the addition of one touch of less than 720 changes, with or without extra 720s."

Mr. J. W. Parker proposed as an amendment that the first clause should read: "That the Council recommends that a peal of Minor should consist of at least," etc. This was seconded by Mr. E. H. Lewis, and adopted unanimously, the resolution as so amended being then carried as the substantive motion.

Mr. W. Story moved that "For the purpose of representation on the Central Council only such members of any territorial Association as are resident within the area covered by such Association shall be considered in fixing the number of representatives which such Association is entitled to elect." This was seconded by Mr. W. A. Cave, and was lost by a large majority.

Mr. J. A. Trollope moved, and Mr. R. J. Dawe seconded, "That the Central Council give 'The Ringing World' recognition equal to that accorded to 'The Bell News' for the publication of official reports and communications, and that any peals published exclusively in 'The Ringing World' shall be counted in the Council's Analysis."

The Rev. E. W. Carpenter moved to omit all words following "communications," and this was carried. After much discussion, Mr. J. S. Pritchett moved the previous question, which was seconded by the Rev. W. W. C. Baker, and carried.

The Rev. G. F. Coleridge moved a vote of thanks to the President, and the meeting adjourned.

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SCHEDULE of attendances at the Meeting of the Central Council in the Old Town Hall, Leicester, on Whitsun Tuesday, 6 June, 1911.
Ancient Society of College YouthsF. DenchW. T. CockerillMiddlesex County AssociationA. T. KingH. C. Chandler
J. W. RowbothamW. Pickworth
W. D. SmithJ. R. Sharman
Royal Cumberland YouthsF. BennettMidland Counties AssociationSir A. Heywood, Bart.
H. DainsJ. Griffin
R. A. DaniellJohn W. Taylor
J. ParkerW. E. White
Bath and Wells Diocesan Assn.E. E. BurgessCentral Northants. AssociationF. Wilford
A. E. ColesNorth Notts. AssociationH. Haigh
Rev. C. C. ParkerNorth Wales AssociationRev. T. Lewis Jones
D. G. TaylorNorwich Diocesan AssociationG. P. BurtonC. E. Borrett
Bedfordshire AssociationRev. W. W. C. BakerW. L. Catchpole
Birmingham Diocesan Assn.W. H. GoddenJ. Motts
Cambridge University GuildE. H. LewisOxford Diocesan GuildRev. G. F. ColeridgeF. W. Hopgood
Chester Diocesan GuildRev. A. T. BeestonRev. C. W. O. Jenkyn
Joseph NorburyW. Pole Routh
Cleveland and N. Yorks. Assn.G. J. ClarksonSalisbury Diocesan GuildCaptain J. E. Acland
Rev. W. P. WrightRev. H. E. T. Bassett
Devonshire GuildRev. M. KellyA. F. M. Stewart
A. W. SearleSalop Archidiaconal GuildJ. Bradney
Durham and Newcastle Dio. Assn.W. StoryC. L. RoutledgeStaffs. Archidiaconal SocietyS. ReevesR. Cartwright
(Vacant)Surrey AssociationA. B. Carpenter, M.D.
Ely Diocesan AssociationRev. J. M. ClarksonCharles Dean
Essex County AssociationW. J. NevardC. H. HowardSussex County AssociationR. J. Dawe
Rev. Canon PapillonG. H. Howse
N. J. PitstowF. B. Tompkins
Gloucester and Bristol Dio. Assn.John AustinG. Watson
W. A. CaveTruro Diocesan GuildJ. C. Daubuz
Rev. H. A. CockeyWarwickshire GuildA. L. Coleman
Hereford Diocesan GuildJohn ClarkR. MarstonWinchester Diocesan GuildRev. C. E. MatthewsJ. W. Whiting
Hertford County AssociationBertram PrewettH. WhiteC. Willshire
Irish AssociationLord Justice CherryWorcestershire and Districts Assn.J. R. Newman
Kent County AssociationE. BarnettJ. H. CheesmanT. J. Salter
Rev. F. J. O. HelmoreT. GroombridgeYorkshire AssociationG. BollandC. Glenn
Lancashire AssociationH. ChapmanJ. H. BanksC. H. Hattersley
Rev. H. J. ElseeS. WoodW. Snowdon
Leeds and District SocietyJ. BroadleyHonorary MembersRev. A. H. F. BougheyC. E. D. Boutflower
Lincoln Diocesan GuildRev. H. Law JamesRev. E. W. CarpenterTom Lockwood
G. ChesterJohn CarterJames Pettit
R. RichardsonRev. C. D. P. DaviesW. H. Thompson
J. W. SeamerJ. W. Parker
Liverpool Diocesan GuildW. BenthamJ. S. Pritchett
Llandaff Diocesan AssociationJ. W. JonesRev. H. S. T. Richardson
London County AssociationG. R. FardonJ. A. Trollope
T. H. TaffenderG. Williams

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