Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Minutes of the Second Session of the 32nd Council (88th Annual Meeting), held in the Dome Theatre, Brighton, on Tuesday 28 May 1985.


Life Members: E. A. Barnett, W. B. Cartwright, Miss D. E. Colgate, F. E. Collins, P. A. Corby, J. Freeman, the Very Revd. A. G. G. Thurlow.
Honorary Members: A. E. M. Bagworth, Mrs. O. D. Barnett, A. P. S. Berry, H. Chant, M. J. Church, R. J. Cooles, A. J. Frost, D. E. House, D. Hughes, C. K. Lewis, J. R. Mayne, M. H. D. O’Callaghan, Miss J. Sanderson, M. C. W. Sherwood, R. B. Smith, D. G. Thorne, B. D. Threlfall, J. M. Tyler, W. H. Viggers, Mrs. M. J. Wilkinson, Mrs. M. A. Wratten.
Ancient Society of College Youths: W. T. Cook, R. C. Kippin, A. N. Stubbs, A. W. R. Wilby.
Australia & New Zealand Assn.: R. F. Eccles.
Bath & Wells Dio. Assn.: D. J. Buckley, G. W. Massey, E. Naylor.
Bedfordshire Assn.: K. Lewin, A. H. Smith.
Beverley & Dist. Society: P. Church.
Cambridge Univ. Guild: P. L. H. Brooke, S. C. Walters.
Carlisle Dio. Guild: D. T. Sim.
Chester Dio. Guild: P. Dyson, B. Harris, C. C. Roberts, M. Thomson.
Coventry Dio. Guild: P. Border, H. M. Windsor, Mrs. B. Winter.
Derby Dio. Assn.: G. A. Halls, D. Hird, P. J. Flavell.
Devonshire Guild: F. D. Mack, M. E. C. Mears, Revd. J. G. M. Scott, Revd. L. Yeo.
Durham Univ. Society: Revd. P. Newing.
E. Derbyshire & W. Notts. Assn.: A. Dempster.
E. Grinstead & Dist. Guild: A. N. Brock.
Ely Dio. Assn.: B. C. Bass, G. E. Bonham, Miss L. H. M. Boyle.
Essex Assn.: J. Armstrong, F. B. Lufkin, D. Sloman, O. C. R. Webster.
Gloucester & Bristol Dio. Assn.: P. H. Allen, B. Bladon, J. R. Taylor, C. A. Wratten.
Guildford Dio. Guild: W. J. Couperthwaite, D. E. Parsons, J. R. Pratt, C. H. Rogers.
Hereford Dio. Guild: N. R. Mattingley, M. V. Powell, R. G. Powell, A. T. Wingate.
Hertford County Assn.: R. Baldwin, G. Dodds, R. E. Hardy, B. C. Watson.
Irish Assn.: F. E. Dukes, J. T. Dunwoody, W. A. Patterson.
Kent County Assn.: D. J. Carr, M. J. Lodwick, D. C. Manger, D. H. Niblett.
Ladies Guild: Mrs. C. Higby, Mrs. P. Watson.
Lancashire Assn.: C. Crossthwaite, D. R. Jones, J. Kershaw, F. Reynolds.
Leeds Univ. Society: C. Forster.
Leicester Dio. Guild: B. L. Burrows, A. Cattell, S. J. Franklin, J. M. Jelley.
Lichfield Archd. Soc: J. F. Mulvey, S. G. Pick, C. M. Smith.
Lincoln Dio. Guild: G. E. Feirn, D. A. Frith, L. Townsend.
Liverpool University Soc.: J. K. Foot.
Llandaff & Monmouth Dio. Assn.: Revd. J. C. Baldwin, P. S. Bennett, D. C. Brookes.
London County Assn.: H. W. Rogers, Mrs. O. L. Rogers, M. J. Uphill.
Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild: F. T. Blagrove, T. J. Lock, D. W. Struckett.
Midland Counties Guild: M. Quimby.
National Police Guild: B. F. Peachey.
N. American Guild: W. H. Jackson, Mrs. M. B. Winter.
N. Staffordshire Assn.: N. G. Sharp.
N. Wales Assn.: J. K. R. Ellis, P. F. T. Smith.
Norwich Dio. Assn.: F. C. J. Arnold, H. J. Charles.
Oxford Dio. Guild: W. Butler, H. W. Egglestone, R. H. Newton, T. G. Pett.
Oxford Society: B. J. Stone.
Oxford Univ. Society: D. C. Brown, P. D. Niblett.
Peterborough Dio. Guild: E. Billings, C. J. Groome, D. J. Jones, Revd. E. G. Orland.
Soc. of Royal Cumberland Youths: J. S. Barnes, I. H. Oram, D. E. Sibson, P. M. Wilkinson.
St. Martin’s Guild: T. R. Hampton, R. W. Pipe.
Salisbury Dio. Guild: T. F. Collins, E. J. Hitchins, P. L. J. Matthews, R. G. W. Robertson.
Scottish Assn.: N. E. Booth.
Soc. of Sherwood Youths: P. L. R. Hayward.
Shropshire Assn.: F. M. Mitchell.
Southwell Dio. Guild: G. A. Dawson, R. G. Fanthorpe, R. B. Mills, B. A. Richards.
Suffolk Guild: T. N. J. Bailey, S. D. Pettman, Revd. L. R. Pizzey, A. R. Smith.
Surrey Assn.: J. D. Cheesman, S. J. Coleman, E. G. H. Godfrey, R. A. Grant.
Sussex County Assn.: A. R. Baldock, P. T. Hurcombe, D. D. Smith, P. M. Wills.
Swansea & Brecon Dio. Guild: A. R. Lewis.
Truro Dio. Guild: Mrs. M. P. Byrne, R. J. Perry, P. J. Tremain.
Universities Assn.: Revd. M. C. C. Melville.
Univ. of Bristol Society: Mrs. A. Newing.
Univ. of London Society: P. J. Sanderson.
Winchester & Portsmouth Dio. Guild: R. Cater, Mrs. G. W. Davis, D. C. Jackson, A. P. Smith.
Worcestershire & Dists. Assn.: A. D. Evans, M. D. Fellows, R. G. Morris, R. K. Williams.
Yorkshire Assn.: D. W. Beard, R. J. Johnston, W. F. Moreton, D. E. Potter.

The Devon Association, Durham & Newcastle Dio. Association, Manchester Univ. Guild, and Railwaymen’s Guild were not represented.

Report as to membership:

The Hon. Secretary (Mr. C. A. Wratten) reported that 66 societies were affiliated, with 174 representative members on the Council. There were nine Life and 24 Honorary Members.

The only subscription outstanding was that of the London Univ. Society. (Secretary’s note: the subscription was subsequently received.)

Apologies for absence:

Apologies for absence had been received from Messrs. F. W. Perrens and E. C. Shepherd (Life), W. H. Dobbie, P. Sotheran and R. F. B. Speed (Honorary), and M. J. Freeman, P. M. J. Gray, W. C. Boucher, N. A. Johnson, J. L. Millhouse, C. J. Pickford, D. Martin and J. T. Shepard (representative members).

Welcome to new members:

The President (Mr. P. A. Corby) welcomed the Revd. B. Harris and Messrs. P. J. Flavell and A. D. Evans.

Loss of members through death:

Members stood in silence as the President read the names of those who had died since the previous meeting: W. C. Duffield (Norwich, 1945-54), W. H. Coles (Middx. 1950-51), A. H. Reed (Bath & Wells, 1960-81), C. W. Roberts (Honorary, 1933-45, 1950-51; Middx. 1951-54; Honorary, 1954-61), G. S. Morris (Salisbury, 1957-75), A. R. Elkins (Chester, 1960-63 and 1967-69), L. Stilwell (Sussex, 1951-57; Honorary, 1957-70), and J. W. Cotton (Midland Counties, 1946-78).

Election of Honorary members:

A. E. M. Bagworth, A. P. S. Berry, W. H. Dobbie and D. G. Thorne and Mrs. M. J. Wilkinson were individually elected Honorary members.

Minutes of the previous meeting:
(RW 1 February 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by C. J. Groome, subject to the addition of ‘Universities Association: Revd. M. C. C. Melville’ to the list of those present.

Report of the Hon. Secretary:
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by F. E. Dukes, who thanked Mr. and Mrs. Wratten on behalf of the Council for their work.

Balance Sheet and Accounts:
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of C. A. Wratten, seconded by W. A. Patterson.

Report of the Trustee of the Rolls of Honour:
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of W. T. Cook, seconded by C. J. Groome.

Report of the Trustees of the Carter Ringing Machine:
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of A. E. M. Bagworth, seconded by D. Hughes.

At this point the President, who was recovering from a recent operation, relinquished the chair to the Vice-President, the Revd. Dr. J. C. Baldwin.

Committee Reports:

(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of C. A. Wratten, seconded by M. J. Church.

Arising from the report, G. A. Halls proposed, and C. Crossthwaite seconded, “that this Council disapproves of the plan to do away with the ringing peal at Ruthin, encourages the North Wales Association in its efforts to have the plan set aside, and offers the assistance of its committees in resolving the problem”. A. J. Frost moved an amendment that “this Council would like to encourage the parish in the use of church bells not only as a chime but for full-circle ringing” be substituted for the first phrase, and was seconded by T. F. Collins. This was accepted, and the amended motion was agreed nem. con.

Redundant Bells
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of Mrs. M. J. Wilkinson, seconded by J. Freeman.

Bell Restoration Funds
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of J. S. Barnes, seconded by I. H. Oram.

Towers & Belfries
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of B. D. Threlfall, seconded by Preb. J. G. M. Scott; both reported on the encouraging discussions that had been held with the Bells Sub-committee of the Council for the Care of Churches. An offer by I. H. Oram to produce an updated version of the sub-committee’s earlier report on insurance cover was welcomed by the Vice-President.

(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Librarian (W. T. Cook), seconded by W. A. Patterson. D. J. Jones was elected to the committee in place of C. J. Pickford, who had resigned.

(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of T. J. Lock, seconded by Mrs. O. D. Barnett.

(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of W. Butler, seconded by R. Cater. Mr. Butler said that, following the resignation from the committee of D. Potter and R. B. Smith, H. J. Charles and N. Mattingley had been co-opted to it. Both were elected to full membership of the committee.

Public Relations
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of A. W. R. Wilby, seconded by H. W. Rogers.

(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of C. J. Groome, seconded by J. R. Taylor. Mr. Groome added that C. J. Pickford had recently resigned from the Ringing History project, but work was continuing. It was agreed that in future the committee’s report should include details of sales during the year.

Computer Co-ordination
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of Dr. T. G. Pett, seconded by J. R. Taylor. It was agreed that the implications for ringers of the Data Protection Act should be investigated by the committee and a report sent to The Ringing World for publication.

Peal Compositions
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of R. W. Pipe, seconded by R. C. Kippin.

Peals Analysis
(RW 21 June 1985)

Adopted on the proposition of C. H. Rogers, seconded by O. C. R. Webster. A proposal by R. C. Kippin, seconded by B. F. Peachey, that the peal of Grandsire Sextuples rung on 13 bells in Bristol be recognised by the Council on the grounds of merit, was defeated.

The Vice-President said that, as suggested by D. Potter and J. R. Taylor, the Administrative Committee would review the Decisions relating to peal ringing, and invited members to make their views known to the Hon. Secretary.

A proposal by D. C. Jackson, seconded by T. F. Collins, that the Council recognise as peals the three performances at Liss Campanile was defeated, as was a proposal by Dr. Pett, seconded by Mr. Peachey, that “performances at the Liss Campanile be not published as peals in The Ringing World”.

(RW 21 June 1985)

After J. R. Mayne had pointed out that the method rung as Blackdown Delight on 27 September 1984 would have to be renamed since the name had already been used for another method; and a proposal by A. P. Smith, seconded by D. W. Struckett, that the Council invoke Decision (E).D.5 and invite the Essex Association to suggest a name other than Surfleate for the method rung on 24 March 1984, was approved, the report was adopted on the proposition of D. E. Sibson, seconded by C. A. Wratten.

(RW 21 June 1985)

Mr. Sherwood proposed, and C. K. Lewis seconded, “that the peal of 8000 Spliced Surprise Major rung by the Ely Diocesan Association on 2nd October 1983 should be recorded as a peal in 500 methods and the Association be asked to submit method names”, and this was agreed after a motion that the Methods and Records Committees form a joint working party to produce a written statement of the technicalities involved for consideration at the next Council meeting, proposed by Mrs. J. Wilkinson and seconded by Mrs. A. Newing, had been narrowly defeated.

A motion proposed by S. J. Coleman and seconded by G. W. Massey, “that the method Bob Doubles with Imperial places at the lead end retain its name of Reverse Canterbury Doubles”, was passed.

The report was then adopted on the proposition of M. C. W. Sherwood, seconded by F. T. Blagrove, Mr. Sherwood reporting that A. P. Smith would be chairman of the committee from the end of the Council meeting.

Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells
(RW 21 June 1985)

The Fund’s report and accounts were adopted on the proposition of R. J. Cooles, seconded by M. H. D. O’Callaghan.

At this point Mr. Corby resumed the Chairmanship of the meeting, thanking the Vice-President for his work during the day.

Future Meetings:

Invitations from the Coventry Guild for the Council to hold its meeting in the Coventry area in 1987, and from the Carlisle Diocesan Guild for 1988, were gratefully accepted.

Any Other Business:

The President said that it had been agreed by the Officers that the Hon. Secretary should make a small presentation to the Italian ringers who would be visiting England later in the week.

Votes of Thanks:

On behalf of the Council the President thanked all those who had contributed to the success of the meeting and had made the Council so welcome in Sussex.

Wholly represented50131-
Partly represented102511
Not represented4-7

Life members72
Honorary members213


The Ringing World, February 28, 1986, pages 187 to 188, correction January 23, 1987, page 92

(Archivist’s note: also absent were J. Hine and R. O. Wright (Devon Assn.), J. H. Atkinson (Durham & Newcastle Dio. Assn.), S. S. Meyer (Ely Dio. Assn.), Miss F. Cannon (Ladies’ Guild), N. Brock (Middlesex County Assn. & London Dio. Guild), S. F. High and J. R. Smith (Norwich Dio. Assn.) and T. Skilton (Railwaymen’s Guild))

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