Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Minutes of the Second Session of the 34th Council (94th Annual Meeting), held in the Guildhall, London, on Tuesday 28 May 1991


Life Members: E A Barnett, Miss D E Colgate, P A Corby, F E Dukes, W F Moreton, C A Wratten.
Honorary Members: A E M Bagworth, D W Beard, A P S Berry, Mrs S Bianco, E Billings, M J Church, S J Coleman, R J Cooles, W H Dobbie, J C Eisel, A J Frost, C K Lewis, M H D O’Callaghan, Miss J Sanderson, Preb J G M Scott, M C W Sherwood, R B Smith, D G Thorne, J M Tyler, Mrs M J Wilkinson, Mrs M A Wratten.
Ancient Society of College Youths: W T Cook, A R Kench, A N Stubbs, A W R Wilby.
Australia & New Zealand Assn: D Bleby, P M J Gray, C O’Mahony (alt. member).
Bath & Wells Dio. Assn: Mrs C A Bedding, D J Buckley, D J Kelly, G W Massey.
Bedfordshire Assn: P J S Albon, K Lewin, A H Smith.
Beverley & Dist. Soc: M J de C Henshaw.
Bristol Univ. Soc: C M Foster.
Cambridge Univ. Guild: P J Agg, S C Walters.
Carlisle Dio. Guild: D T Sim.
Chester Dio. Guild: P Dyson, C C Roberts, M Thomson.
Coventry Dio. Guild: P Border, A J Illingworth, H M Windsor, Mrs B A Winter.
Derby Dio. Assn: G A Halls, Mrs J E Orchard, B N Trowbridge.
Devonshire Guild: F D Mack, M E C Mears, D J Roberts, Revd L J Yeo.
Durham & Newcastle Dio. Assn: N A Johnson, D Walker, Mrs B M Wheeler.
Durham Univ. Soc: Revd P Newing.
E. Derbys & W. Notts Assn: A Dempster.
E. Grinstead & Dist. Guild: A N Brock.
Ely Dio. Assn: G E Bonham, M B Davies, S S Meyer, P S Seaman.
Essex Assn: J Armstrong, F J P Bone, F B Lufkin, D Sloman.
Gloucester & Bristol Dio. Assn: B Bladon, Dr A Newing, J M Pearse, J R Taylor.
Guildford Dio. Guild: W J Couperthwaite, A W Gordon, J R Pratt, C H Rogers.
Hereford Dio. Guild: J Ellams, N R Mattingley, M V Powell, R G Powell.
Hertford County Assn: A F Alldrick, J R Mayne, Miss D M Robotham, B C Watson.
Irish Assn: A S Hudson, M J Pomeroy, P M Talbot.
Kent County Assn: D C Manger, F W Lewis, D H Niblett, Mrs D R Wraight.
Ladies’ Guild: Miss F Cannon, Mrs F Willgress.
Lancashire Assn: D R Jones, J Kershaw, F Reynolds.
Leeds Univ. Soc: C Forster.
Leicester Dio. Guild: Mrs C N J Franklin, J M Jelley, B G Warwick.
Lichfield Archd. Soc: J F Mulvey, S G Pick, C M Smith.
Lincoln Dio. Guild: D A Frith, A R Heppenstall, A D H Bird, L G Townsend.
Liverpool Univ. Soc: S J Flockton.
Llandaff & Monmouth Dio. Assn: Revd J C Baldwin, P S Bennett, Revd J M Hughes.
London County Assn: R Booth, E G Mould, H W Rogers, M T Sprackling.
London Univ. Soc: P J Sanderson.
Manchester Univ. Guild: D R Pettifor.
Middx County Assn. & London Dio. Guild: R Bailey, F T Blagrove, T J Lock, R K Russ.
Midland Counties Assn: M Quimby.
National Police Guild: B F Peachey.
North American Guild: W H Jackson, D F Morrison.
North Staffordshire Assn: P W Gay, N G Sharp.
North Wales Assn: Miss D A Jones, D R Marshall.
Norwich Dio. Assn: H J Charles, J B Morley, D F Riley, N M Thomas.
Oxford Dio. Guild: W Butler, H W Egglestone, J A Harrison, T G Pett.
Oxford Soc: B J Stone.
Oxford Univ. Soc: P Q Armitage, P D Niblett.
Peterborough Dio. Guild: Miss J M Corby, C J Groome, D J Jones, J Weaver.
Railway Guild: T Skilton.
Royal Cumberland Youths Soc: J S Barnes, I H Oram, Miss S J Pattenden, D E Sibson.
St. Martin’s Guild: J A Anderson.
Salisbury Dio. Guild: E J Hitchins, A J Howes, Miss S P E Legge, R G W Robertson.
Scottish Assn: N E Booth.
Sherwood Youths Soc: P L R Hayward.
Shropshire Assn: F M Mitchell.
S. African Guild: P P Belgeonne.
Southwell Dio. Guild: G A Dawson, R G Fanthorpe, R B Mills, B A Richards.
Suffolk Guild: S D Pettman, Revd L R Pizzey, A R Smith, I J D Whitear.
Surrey Assn: J D Cheesman, E G H Godfrey, N J Goodship, K J Matthews.
Sussex County Assn: A R Baldock.
Swansea & Brecon Dio. Guild: A R Lewis.
Transvaal Soc: Mrs A Davies.
Truro Dio. Guild: W C Boucher, A F Burley, R J Perry, P J Tremain.
Universities Assn: Revd M C C Melville.
Veronese Assn: P Avesani, Dr A M Hodge, R G Morris.
Winchester & Portsmouth Dio. Guild: R Cater, A T Collins, D C Jackson, A P Smith.
Worcestershire & Districts Assn: A Roberts, R F B Speed, R K Williams.
Yorkshire Assn: N Donovan, Revd G C Galley, R J Johnston, D Potter.
Zimbabwe Guild: Mrs V Grossmith.

The Devon Association and the St David’s Diocesan Guild were not represented.

Report as to membership:

The Hon. Secretary (C A Wratten) reported that 70 societies were affiliated, with 186 representative members; the S. Derbyshire & N. Leicestershire Association had insufficient members to be represented. There were eight Life and 21 Honorary members.

Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from W B Cartwright and F E Collins (Life Members), Mrs C Higby, A Cattell, R M Cox, A D Evans, D Hird, P T Hurcombe, A J Martin, D D Smith and M J Stone.

Welcome to new members:

The President (C J Groome) noted that A J Martin (Chester DG) was the only member to have joined the Council during the past year, but was not present at the meeting.

Loss of members through death:

Members stood in silence as the Hon. Secretary read the names of those who had died since the previous meeting: F W Goodfellow (Middx CA & London DG, 1938,and 1950-66), A W Gibbs (Police, 1977-81), J Bray (Lincoln, 1936-72), E E Whitmore (Peterborough, 1948-50), G W Hughes (Stafford Archd, 1955-76), R A Post (Oxford DG, 1936-47) and Dean A G G Thurlow (Norwich, 1945-63, and subsequently Life). Preb. J G M Scott then led members in prayer.

Election of Honorary Members:

A E M Bagworth, A P S Berry, W H Dobbie, R H Dove, Miss E St J Smith, D G Thorne and Mrs M J Wilkinson were individually elected.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

The Minutes of the 1990 meeting, as published in The Ringing World of 22 March 1991 and subsequently corrected in the issue of 19 April 1991, were adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by F E Dukes.

Ringing Centre:

Members received an interim progress report from A J Frost.

Report of the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer:
(RW 28 June 1991, p.613)

The report was adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by D Potter.

Balance Sheet and Accounts:
(RW 28 June 1991, pp.614-7)

Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by J Armstrong.

Committee reports
(All Committee reports were published in The Ringing World of 28 June 1991)


Adopted on the proposition of the Hon. Secretary, seconded by M J Church, after a motion, proposed by A W R Wilby and seconded by D J Kelly, “that no further action be taken on the matter relating to the representation of societies” had been defeated by a large majority.

After the President asked that the draft Code of Practice for the Conservation of Bells and Bellframes be published as soon as possible in The Ringing World, members passed a motion proposed by H W Rogers and seconded by F Reynolds that the Administrative Committee be authorised to take any necessary further action on the draft.


Adopted on the proposition of W T Cook, seconded by W Butler.


Adopted on the proposition of R Cater, seconded by P W Gay.


Adopted on the proposition of W J Couperthwaite, seconded by D J Jones. Mr Couperthwaite undertook to provide as part of next year’s Committee report details of publications sales during 1991.

Computer Co-ordination

Adopted on the proposition of A W Gordon, seconded by M Thomson.


Adopted on the proposition of T J Lock, seconded by N G Sharp. The President asked the Committee to consider how best to ensure the safe-keeping of its records, and how to check and update them; and to report back at the next meeting.


Adopted on the proposition of A P Smith, seconded by P D Niblett. After D Bleby, speaking on behalf of ANZAB, had suggested that the Committee’s Report on Extension, accepted by the Council in 1953, had some shortcomings, Mr Smith said that the Committee was intending to suggest some amendments at next year’s meeting and would bear his points in mind.

Peals Analysis

Adopted on the proposition of D H Niblett, seconded by J D Cheesman. Although the Council accepted the Committee’s pro forma recommendation that a call-change “peal” of 5,040 changes rung at Buckland-in-the-Moor on 17 March 1990 be not recognised as a peal, it warmly congratulated those who had rung it.


Adopted on the proposition of D E Sibson, seconded by P J Agg.

Peal Compositions

Adopted on the proposition of P Sanderson, seconded by D W Beard.

Towers and Belfries

Adopted on the proposition of A J Frost, seconded by F D Mack.

Bell Restoration Funds

Adopted on the proposition of J S Barnes, seconded by E Billings.

Redundant Bells

Adopted on the proposition of Mrs M J Wilkinson, seconded by G W Massey.

Public Relations

Adopted on the proposition of Dr A Newing, seconded by S J Coleman. It was noted that members of this and the Bell Restoration Funds Committees had agreed that the Public Relations Committee would co-ordinate the production of a fact-sheet giving details of the work of the Council’s committees.

The President’s thanks to committee members for their work during the year were warmly endorsed by the Council.

Report of the Trustee of the Rolls of Honour:
(RW 28 June 1991, p.624)

Adopted on the proposition of W T Cook, seconded by R J Johnston.

Report of the Trustees of the Carter Ringing Machine:
(RW 28 June 1991, p.624)

Adopted on the proposition of A E Bagworth, seconded by W H Dobbie.

Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells
(RW 28 June 1991, p.624)

Adopted on the proposition of R J Cooles, seconded by M H D O’Callaghan. It was noted that the Committee’s chairman was now E A Barnett, in place of the late Dean Thurlow.

Future meetings

The Council accepted an invitation from the North Staffordshire Association to meet in its area in 1994, and one from the Shropshire Association for 1996. It was decided on a vote to accept an invitation from the Ely Diocesan Guild for 1997, the President regretting that it had not been possible to accept a similar invitation for that year from the Truro Diocesan Guild.

The Council formally received an invitation for 1995 from the Salisbury Diocesan Guild.

Any other business

The Revd Dr Baldwin suggested that action be set in train to provide a chain of office for the Council’s President; a Council member had offered the necessary metal, and he asked that the Administrative Committee should decide upon a suitable design.

Votes of thanks

On behalf of the Council the President proposed a comprehensive vote of thanks to all those who had contributed in any way to the undoubted success of the Council’s centenary meeting.

Summary of Attendance
Wholly represented58150-
Partly represented92211
Not represented2-3

Life members62
Honorary members21-


The Ringing World, March 20, 1992, pages 294 to 295, corrections February 26, 1993, page 211

(Archivist’s note: also absent were J. Hine and R. O. Wright (Devon Assn.), M. S. Hart (Lancashire Assn.), J. W. Lewis (St. David’s Dio. Guild), J. McDonald (St. Martin’s Guild) and A. Consolaro (Veronese Assn.))

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