The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

MINUTES of the Third Session of the Twenty-fourth Council (65th annual meeting), held in the City Hall, Cardiff, on Whitsun Tuesday, June 12th, 1962.

A welcome was extended to the Council by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff (Alderman Dr. C. E. Bence), the Lord Bishop of Llandaff (Dr. Glyn Simon) and the Master of the Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association (Mr. T. Stephens). As a memento of the Council's first visit to Wales, the Bishop of Llandaff, on behalf of the Association, presented the Council with a visitors' book. The thanks of the Council were expressed by the president.


Ancient Society of College Youths: Messrs. J. F. Smallwood, C. G. J. Watts and W. Williams.
Australia and New Zealand Association: Mr. P. M. J. Gray.
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association: Messrs. A. H. Reed, G. Salmon and H. J. Sanger.
Bedfordshire Association: Messrs. S. Foskett and A. E. Rushton.
Cambridge University Guild: Dr. C. M. P. Johnson and Mr. B. D. Threlfall.
Chester Diocesan Guild: Messrs. A. R. Elkins and J. Worth.
Coventry Diocesan Guild: Mrs. D. E. Beamish and Mr. J. L. Garner-Hayward.
Cumberland and North Westmorland Association: Mr. G. McKay.
Derbyshire Association: Messrs. G. A. Halls and A. Mould.
Devon Association: Mr. B. E. Bartlett.
Devon Guild: Miss B. M. Boyle, Mr. T. G. Myers and Rev. J. G. M. Scott.
Dudley and District Guild: Mr. H. J. Shuck.
Durham and Newcastle Association: Messrs. K. Arthur and D. A. Bayles.
Ely Diocesan Association: Messrs. J. G. Gipson, E. H. Mastin and H. S. Peacock.
Essex Association: Messrs. J. H. Crampion, P. J. Eves, F. B. Lufkin and Miss H. G. Snowden.
Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association: Messrs. A. L. Barry, R. G. Hooper, W. B. Kynaston and C. A. Wratten.
Guildford Diocesan Guild: Messrs. A. C. Hazelden, H. N. Pitstow and W. H. Viggers.
Hereford Diocesan Guild: Messrs. A. T. Wingate and G. T. Cousins.
Hertford County Association: Messrs. W. Ayre, R. G. Bell, G. W. Critchley and G. Dodds.
Irish Association: Mr. F. E. Dukes, Mrs. F. E. Dukes and Mr. J. T. Dunwoody.
Kent County Association: Messrs. J. R. Cooper, P. A. Corby, T. Cullingworth and I. H. Oram.
Ladies' Guild: Miss D. E. Colgate.
Lancashire Association: Mr. J. Ridyard.
Leicester Diocesan Guild: Messrs. S. Burton and B. G. Warwick.
Lincoln Diocesan Guild: Messrs. J. Bray, G. E. Feirn, J. Freeman and J. L. Millhouse.
Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association: Mrs. D. J. King and Mr. T. M. Roderick.
London County Association: Mr. H. W. Rogers, Mrs. H. W. Rogers and Mr. W. G. Wilson.
Middlesex County Association: Messrs. F. T. Blagrove and T. J. Lock.
Midland Counties Guild: Mr. J. W. Cotton.
North Staffordshire Association: Mr. R. S. Anderson.
Norwich Diocesan Association: Messrs. H. W. Barrett, N. V. Harding and Rev. A. G. G. Thurlow.
Oxford Diocesan Guild: Mr. A. D. Barker, Mrs. A. D. Barker and Mr. P. Walker.
Oxford Society: Mr. F. A. H. Wilkins.
Oxford University Society: Dr. J. E. Spice.
Peterborough Diocesan Guild: Messrs. B. Austin, E. Billings, P. I. Chapman and E. Nobles.
St. David s Diocesan Guild: Mr. R. Warburton.
St. Martin's Guild, Birmingham: Messrs. G. E. Fearn and F. E. Haynes.
Salisbury Diocesan Guild: Messrs. J. T. Barrett, G. H. Harding and W. C. West.
Sheffield and District Society: Mr. N. Chaddock.
Shropshire Association: Messrs. R. Newton and H. Poyner.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths: Messrs. D. Beresford and F. E. Hawthorne.
Stafford Archdeaconry Society: Messrs. G. W. Hughes and B. G. Key.
Suffolk Guild: Messrs. J. W. Blythe and C. W. Pipe.
Surrey Association: Messrs. A. P. Cannon, F. E. Collins and W. F. Oatway.
Sussex County Association: Messrs. R. G. Blackman and H. Stalham.
Swansea and Brecon Guild: Mr. G. I. Lewis.
Truro Diocesan Guild: Messrs. W. C. Boucher and D. Burnett.
Universities Association: Miss M. R. Cross.
University of Bristol Society: Dr. T. P. Edwards.
University of London Society: Dr. D. N. Layton.
Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild: Mr. A. V. Davis, Rev. K. W. H. Felstead and Messrs. J. Hartless and F. W. Rogers.
Worcestershire and Districts Association: Messrs. B. C. Ashford, D. Beacham and W. B. Cartwright.
Yorkshire Association: Messrs. G. Benfield, V. Bottomley and L. W. G. Morris.
Life members: Messrs. F. Sharpe, E. A. Barnett, F. W. Perrens and E. H. Lewis.
Honorary members: Mrs. E. A. Barnett, Messrs. F. I. Hairs, A. A. Hughes, D. Hughes, C. K. Lewis, W. F. Moreton, W. A. Osborn, A. J. Pitman, H. L. Roper, E. C. Shepherd, P. L. Taylor, T. W. White and J. Willis.


The honorary secretary reported that 59 Societies were affiliated with 162 members. The rules provided for 24 honorary members and there were eight life members, making a total membership of 194. There were five vacancies among honorary members and two among representative members. All subscriptions had been paid.


Apologies were received from Messrs. J. A. Acres, H. O. Baker, E. C. Birkett, P. N. Bond, J. E. Chilcott, J. D. Clarke, J. W. Clarke, W. E. Critchley, P. Crook, F. J. Cullum, C. W. Denyer, F. Dunkerley, J. T. Dyke, E. H. Edge, J. P. Fidler, G. W. Fletcher, Mrs. G. W. Fletcher, N. Golden, F. W. Goodfellow, E. J. Ladd, G. J. Lewis, N. Mallett, Mrs. C. C. Marshall, J. R. Mayne, H. Miles, D. H. B. Millward, G. S. Morris, R. Overy, R. W. R. Percy, G. W. Pipe, Mrs. A. Richardson, Rev. A. S. Roberts, Miss R. J. Seabrook, D. J. Smith, Rev. R. D. St. J. Smith, B. A. Sollis, R. F. B. Speed, Mrs. R. F. B. Speed, P. J. Staniforth, Mrs. P. J. Staniforth, L. Stilwell, T. H. Taffender, J. J. Webb, Miss N. G. Williams and R. St. C. Wilson.


The following were presented: Messrs. E. Billings (Peterborough Diocesan Guild), G. T. Cousins (Hereford Diocesan Guild), Mrs. F. E. Dukes (Irish Association) and R. Warburton (St. David's Diocesan Guild).


Mr. S. Burton was proposed by Mr. B. G. Warwick (in the absence of Mr. P. J. Staniforth), and formally seconded by Mr. E. A. Barnett in place of Mr. Warwick, but did not secure the necessary two-thirds majority.


The retiring members, Mrs. O. D. Barnett and Messrs. F. I. Hairs, C. K. Lewis, W. A. Osborn, A. J. Pitman and H. L. Roper, were re-elected on the proposition of Mr. F. E. Dukes, seconded by Mr. L. W. G. Morris.


The Standing Committee recommended the appointment of Mr. Douglas Hughes in place of the late Mr. A. Walker. This was agreed on the proposition of Mr. P. L. Taylor, seconded by Mr. J. L. Garner-Hayward.

Mr. F. E. Haynes was also appointed on the proposition of Mr. P. I. Chapman, seconded by Mr. W. E. Critchley.


The president reported the death of the following members and past members, the assembly standing in silence: Mr. H. Baxter (Peterborough Guild), Rev. E. G. Benson (Hereford Guild), Rev. E. V. Cox (Devon Guild), Rev. R. P. Farrow (Midland Counties Association), Messrs. G. W. Jeffs (Peterborough Guild), A. King (Bedfordshire Association), Rev. J. Kingdon (Chester Guild), Messrs. E. Morris (Leicester Guild), S. F. Palmer (Yorkshire Association), A. Walker (life member) and C. Willshire (Winchester Guild).

Mention was also made of the death of Mr. H. J. Eldred, who, for a number of years after it was acquired by the Council, kept the books of "The Ringing World."


The minutes as published in "The Ringing World" of March 23rd, 1962, and circulated to members, were adopted on the proposition of Mr. E. A. Barnett, seconded by Mr. W. Ayre.


These have been published in "The Ringing World" as shown:-

(June 22nd, 1962, page 404)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. E. A. Barnett, seconded by Mr. P. A. Corby.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 404)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. W. Perrens, seconded by Mr. J. L. Garner-Hayward. The president thanked Mr. E. H. Lewis for a further gift of books, including "Tintinnalogia," printed in 1668, which it was agreed should not be sent out on loan. Mr. B. G. Warwick mentioned that the late Mr. E. Morris had bequeathed a number of books to the library.

Arising from the report, it was agreed on the proposition of Miss M. R. Cross, seconded by Mr. W. G. Wilson, to reappoint the committee responsible for the preparation for the Beginners' Handbook, with power to co-opt.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 406)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. E. A. Barnett, seconded by Mr. F. E. Dukes. It was agreed on the proposition of Mr. R. S. Anderson, seconded by Mr. F. I. Hairs, that as from January 1st, 1962, no charge would be made against the Publications Account for the advertisement in "The Ringing World."

(June 22nd, 1962, page 404)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. A. A. Hughes, seconded by Mr. R. S. Anderson. The Council's thanks were expressed to Mr. D. Hughes for his work in maintaining and demonstrating the machine.


The honorary secretary reported that the Standing Committee at its meeting the previous night had considered the agenda in detail and made a number of recommendations which would be placed before the Council. He moved the adoption of the report, which was seconded by Mr. J. F. Smallwood, and carried.

Mr. C. G. J. Watts was elected trustee of the Rolls of Honour on the proposition of Mr. E. A. Barnett, seconded by Mr. B. D. Threlfall in place of Mr. H. N. Pitstow, who felt it would be more appropriate for Mr. Watts, who turned a page of the Rolls each week, to be the official trustee.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 405)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. J. F. Smallwood, seconded by Mr. R. S. Anderson. A discussion took place on the finances of the paper, during which it was suggested by Mr. V. Bottomley, that future investments might more profitably be made in Building Societies than in Defence Bonds. Dr. D. N. Layton questioned the desirability of continued reliance on donations. The accounts were adopted on the proposition of Mr. E. A. Barnett, seconded by Mr. R. S. Anderson.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 408)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. E. C. Shepherd, seconded by Mr. F. E. Dukes.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 406)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. H. J. Sanger, seconded by Mr. J. T. Dunwoody. Mr. D. A. Bayles was added to the committee in place of Mr. N. Chaddock.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 407)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. A. C. Hazelden, seconded by Mr. J. Willis.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 409)

Section I (Film on Ringing). The committee's recommendation that the Council should not undertake the production of a film on ringing was accepted on the proposition of Mr. N. Chaddock, seconded by Rev. K. W. H. Felstead.

Section II (Residential Courses) was adopted on the proposition of Mr. N. Chaddock, seconded by Mr. F. I. Hairs.

Section III (Theological Colleges) was adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. B. Lufkin, seconded by Mr. R. S. Anderson. Approval was given for bound volumes of four Council publications to be presented to college libraries.

Section IV (Miscellaneous). Adopted on the proposition of Mr. N. Chaddock, seconded by Mr. W. F. Moreton.

Mr. D. A. Bayles proposed, and Mr. R. S. Anderson seconded, that the interest in the Clement Glenn Fund should be used by the committee. An amendment proposed by Rev. K. W. H. Felstead, seconded by Mr. P. A. Corby, that the matter be referred to the Standing Committee for examination, was carried.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 410)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. W. Ayre, seconded by Rev. K. W. H. Felstead, subject to the omission of a peal of Treble Bob Minimus, of which there is no true plain course, and to the inclusion of any handbell peals of Minimus rung between January 1st and May 23rd, 1961, which conformed to the Council's decisions at that time.

The honorary secretary stated that the Standing Committee deprecated the ringing of peals of Spliced Surprise Minor which do not contain at least one plain lead of every method.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 410)

Adopted, subject to the inclusion of 13,440 Spliced Surprise Major in 6 methods, rung by the Chester Diocesan Guild, on the proposition of Mr. F. T. Blagrove, seconded by Mr. C. K. Lewis.


No report was received.

(June 22nd, 1962, page 411)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. G. E. Feirn, seconded by Mr. F. I. Hairs. Thanks were accorded to the committee for their work on the Collection of Stedman Compositions, and to Mr. W. Barton for his help to the committee in proving peals.

(June 29th, 1962, page 426)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. C. K. Lewis, seconded by Mr. F. T. Blagrove, with four votes against.

(June 29th, 1962, page 426)

Adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. Sharpe, seconded by Mr. B. Austin. Mr. H. J. Sanger was added to the committee.


On behalf of the Standing Committee, Mr. E. A. Barnett proposed, and Mr. W. B. Cartwright seconded, that the third item of "Conditions Required for Peals" in Section D(1) of the Council Decisions be amended by substituting the following for the existing wording:

"Each bell shall be rung throughout by the same person and there shall be no exchange of bells by any of the ringers during the ringing of a peal, provided, however, that this shall not prohibit the ringing of any bell throughout the peal by two persons at the same time, where the weight or go make this essential."

This was carried.


(a) Proposed by Dr. D. N. Layton, seconded by Mr. A. V. Davis, and carried:-

"That this Council acknowledges the successful efforts of the Broadcasting Committee to ensure a higher standard of ringing broadcasts by the B.B.C., but regrets the fact that the programme entitled 'Christmas Bells' broadcast on Christmas morning has been a recording on the last two occasions, and asks the Broadcasting Committee to try to persuade the B.B.C. to revert to a 'live' broadcast of actual ringing to mark the Christmas Festival."

(b) Proposed on behalf of the Oxford Diocesan Guild by Mr. A. D. Barker, seconded by Mrs. A. D. Barker:

"That this Council asks all affiliated territorial societies to consider

(i) whether non-resident life members' subscriptions should be uniform throughout the Exercise, or

(ii) whether without further payment membership of one affiliated territorial society should entitle a ringer to non-resident membership of all other such societies."

The motion was lost.


No specific invitation had been received and the Standing Committee recommended that the next meeting should take place in London. Canon A. G. G. Thurlow stated, however, that the Norwich Diocesan Association would welcome the Council when they wished to come.

It was decided by a majority to hold the meeting at Great Yarmouth.


Canon Thurlow mentioned that the president would be visiting the United States after the 1963 meeting by invitation of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers. The Council expressed its pleasure at this gesture.

The honorary secretary announced the reconstitution of the New South Wales Association as the Australia and New Zealand Association. The members welcomed this important step.

On the instructions of the Standing Committee the secretary drew attention to the recommendation of the Nomination Committee in 1956, that normally the president and vice-president should hold office for six years. He stated that nominations for these offices, signed by two members of the Council, must be received by him not less than two calendar months previous to the next meeting.

Mr. C. K. Lewis said that this was the first meeting that Mrs. G. W. Fletcher had missed since her election to the Council in 1915. It was agreed that the good wishes of the Council should be conveyed to her.


On the motion of the president, the thanks of the Council were expressed to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, the Lord Bishop of Llandaff and the Master of the Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association for their welcome; to the Vicar of Cardiff, Canon W. E. Thomas, for the use of his church for Holy Communion, and to the Lord Bishop for officiating; to Messrs. F. J. Hannington, D. J. King, T. M. Roderick and Miss M. E. Ridyard of the Diocesan Association for local arrangements; and to local incumbents and tower-keepers for the use of their bells.

The Association were also thanked for their kindness in providing tickets for a concert at Ferndale on Whit Sunday.

After the meeting the members were the guests of the City Council at tea.

Wholly represented2963-
Partially represented245437
Not represented6-8


Life Members44
Hon. Members136


The Ringing World, March 22, 1963, pages 190 to 191

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