© Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, September 2017

125th Anniversary Bob Doubles
2012 Bob Minor
20th Birthday Bob Triples
60163 Tornado Bob Minor
90th Birthday Bob Triples


Abba Bob Triples
Abbey Place Doubles
Abbeystead Bob Minor
Abbots Bromley Bob Major
Abbotsford Ferry Bob Minor
Abbotskerswell Bob Minor
Abbots Ripton Bob Minor
A Beer Bob Minor
Aberdare St Elvan Place Triples
Aberffrwd Bob Minor
Aberford Bob Major
Abergynolwyn Bob Minor
Abertawe Bob Minor
Abertawe Bob Major
Aberystwyth Bob Minor
Abingdon Bob Major
Abington Bob Doubles
Ablington Bob Major
Abram Bob Minor
Abthorpe Bob Doubles
Abu the Monkey Bob Doubles
Aby Bob Minor
Accrington Bob Caters
Aceton Bob Major
Achalganj Bob Major
Achalpur Bob Major
Achhnera Junction Bob Major
Achurch Bob Doubles
Acton Town Slow Course Minor
Acton Trussell Bob Royal
Adam Seat Bob Minor
Adapur Bob Major
Adlington Bob Cinques
Adrian Parry Slow Course Minor
Adzor Slow Course Minor
Afon Fathew Bob Minor
Afon Rheidol Bob Minor
Agasod Bob Major
Agra Cantt Junction Bob Major
Agra Fort Platform 1 Bob Major
Agra Fort Platform 2 Bob Major
Agran Dhulgaon Bob Major
Agsauli Bob Major
Ahalyapur Bob Major
Ahirauli Halt Bob Major
Ahju Bob Major
Aileen's Little Bob Major
Ainderby Bob Minor
Aith Bob Minor
Ajgain Bob Major
Akeman Bob Major
Aladdin Bob Doubles
Albatross Bob Triples
Albion Delight Bob Minor
Albion Delight Bob Triples
Alburgh Bob Major
Alburgh Bob Caters
Aldborough Bob Cinques
Aldbourne Bob Triples
Alderbury Bob Major
Alderton Bob Major
Alderton Place Doubles
Aldewarke Bob Triples
Aldgate Bob Minor
Aldgate East Bob Minor
Aldington Pleasure Bob Minor
Aldington Pleasure Bob Triples
Aldwick Bob Royal
Aldwincle Bob Doubles
Aldwinkle Bob Doubles
Alfred Poulton Bob Doubles
Alfreton Bob Triples
Algarkirk Bob Minor
Aliganj Bob Major
A Little Bit Slow Bob Minor
Alkham Valley Bob Triples
Allahabad Junction Bob Major
Allantotoxiam Bob Minor
All Cannings Bob Major
Allerton Bob Minor
Allerton Bob Major
All Hallows Place Doubles
All Saints Place Doubles
Alperton Slow Course Minor
Altarnun Bob Cinques
Alton Bob Minor
Alton Barnes Bob Major
Alton Priors Bob Cinques
Aluminium Bob Triples
Alvediston Bob Major
Alvescot Little Bob Major
Alwalton Bob Doubles
Amausi Bob Major
Amberley Bob Major
Amdanda Halt Bob Major
Amdara Bob Major
Amersham Bob Minor
Amethyst Bob Triples
Ampney Bob Major
Amport Bob Cinques
Ananat Paith Bob Major
Anandnagar Junction Bob Major
Ananias Bob Minor
Ancaster Bob Doubles
Andover Bob Minor
Andoversford Bob Major
Andrew's Achievement Bob Minor
Angal Bob Major
Angersleigh Bob Minor
Anglesey Place Doubles
Anglia Cyclic Bob Major
Annable's Chelsea Bob Minor
Annable's Chelsea Bob Triples
Annable's Diamond Bob Minor
Annable's Diamond Bob Triples
Annable's Hampton Bob Minor
Annable's New Bob Minor
Annable's Richmond Bob Minor
Annable's Richmond Bob Triples
Anna Valley Bob Major
Ansford Little Bob Major
Anstey Bob Triples
Antelope Place Doubles
Antri Bob Major
Apethorpe Bob Doubles
Apley Bob Minor
Appleby West Bob Minor
Appleton Bob Major
Appleton Bob Caters
Appletree Bob Doubles
Appletreewick Bob Minor
Aquarius Bob Triples
Arag Bob Major
Aramanda Bob Major
Araul Makanpur Bob Major
Archway Bob Minor
Ardington Bob Major
Ardington Bob Royal
Arist Little Bob Royal
Arlesey Bob Minor
Arlington Bob Major
Armathwaite Bob Minor
Armitage Bob Minor
Armitage-is-the-name Bob Minor
Armitage-is-the-name Bob Major
Armitage New Bob Doubles
Armston Place Doubles
Arnesby Bob Doubles
Arnos Grove Slow Course Minor
Around 50 Slow Course Minor
Arrenmore Bob Major
Arsenal Slow Course Minor
Arseni Bob Major
Arthingworth Bob Doubles
Arthur Bob Minor
Arthur Oakley Bob Doubles
Arthur W Davis Bob Doubles
Arvi Bob Major
Ashbourne College Bob Major
Ashbourne College Bob Caters
Ashbourne College Bob Royal
Ashby St Ledgers Bob Doubles
Ashcott Bob Minor
Ashfell Bob Triples
Ashford Little Bob Doubles
Ashford Little Bob Caters
Ashley Bob Doubles
Ashti Bob Major
Ashton Bob Major
Ashton-in-Makerfield Bob Minor
Ashton Village Bob Doubles
Askrigg Bob Minor
Asokhar Bob Major
Astilbe Bob Triples
Aston le Walls Bob Doubles
Astrop Bob Doubles
ATB Bob Minor
Athelstan Little Bob Major
Atrampur Bob Major
Attercliffe Bob Triples
Atwa Kursath Bob Major
Atwa Muthia Halt Bob Major
Atworth Bob Major
Ausa Road Bob Major
Aust Little Bob Major
Austin T Wingate Bob Doubles
Avalon Court Bob Major
Avalon Court Bob Caters
Avebury Bob Major
Avebury Bob Caters
Avening Bob Cinques
Avon Bob Triples
Avon Little Bob Major
Avon Dassett Bob Cinques
Avonmouth Little Bob Major
Awapur Halt Bob Major
Awbridge Bob Caters
Awtarnagar Bob Major
Axbridge Bob Cinques
Axe Bob Triples
Axford Bob Major
Aylesbeare Bob Minor
Aylton Slow Course Minor
Aynho Bob Cinques
Ayr Bob Major
Aysgarth Bob Minor
Ayside Bob Minor
Azarias Bob Minor

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