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Saddleback Minor
Saga Royal
St Albans Minor
St Andrew's Minor
St Anne's Pleasure Minor
St Antony of Egypt Minor
St Asaph Major
St Barbara's Minor
St Bega Major
St Blaise Major
St Brandon Major
St Brannock's Major
St Brigid of Ireland Minor
St Caedmon Minor
St Chads Major
St Chad's College Minor
St Cuthbert Minor
St David's Major
St Dunchad Minor
St Edmundsbury Major
St Ethelflaeda Major
St Eustace of Luxeuil Minor
St Francis of Assisi Minor
St Francis Solano Minor
St George Minor
St George's Major
St George's Day Major
St Gildas the Wise Minor
St Giles Major
St Helena Major
St Hilda's Major
St Hildegard of Bingen Minor
St Ivo of Ramsey Minor
St James Major
St James-the-Great Major
St Joavan of Leon Minor
St John's Major
St John's College Minor
St Julia's Hospice Minor
St Mark's Minor
St Mary Abbots Major
St Mary Abbots Royal
St Marylebone Major
St Matthias Minor
St Michael's Major
St Nicholas Minor
St Paul's Major
St Saviourgate Major
St Saviour's Major
St Stephen's Major
St Thomas Royal
St Werburgh Minor
St Wilford Minor
St Wistan's Major
St Wolstan's Major
Salem Bridge Major
Salford Major
Salice Salentino Major
Salisbury Major
Saltergate Royal
Saltisford Minor
Saltley Royal
Salvador Major
Salwarpe Major
Samarium Minor
Samarkand Royal
Sammloclam Major
Sammy Major
Samuel Major
S&M Minor
San Gimignano Major
Sannat Major
Sansum Major
Sapcote Major
Sapello Major
Sapphire Minor
Sarah, Duchess of York Major
Sarajevo Major
Sardonyx Minor
Sarehole Mill Royal
Saturn Major
Scalborough Major
Scandium Minor
Schiehallion Royal
Scholes Minor
Scotch Bonnet Maximus
Scott Minor
Scottlethorpe Royal
Scrooby Minor
Scudamore Major
Scutari Maximus
SDG Minor
Seaborgium Minor
Seagrave Major
Sear Major
Searight Major
Sebat Major
Second Chance Major
Sedgwick Castle Major
Selby Minor
Selenium Minor
Selham Castle Major
Selly Oak Maximus
Semicentennial Major
Send Minor
Seolfor Minor
September Major
Septembre Major
Septuagenarian Major
Sequor Ut Ducam Major
Seven Twenty Minor
Seventy Major
Severnside Minor
Sgor Gaoith Royal
Sgurr Ghuibhsachain Minor
Sgurr Na Lapaich Royal
Sgurr Thuilm Minor
Shadwell Major
Shamrock Major
Shannon Royal
Shardeloes Maximus
Shedfield Major
Sheeps Tor Minor
Sheffield Major
Shelford Minor
Shelley Minor
Shelton Minor
Shepheard-Walwyn Minor
Shepton Beauchamp Major
Shepton Beauchamp Royal
Sherborne Minor
Shere Major
Sherriff Major
Shining Tor Major
Shmirka Major
Shoreditch Major
Shoreditch Royal
Shoreditch Maximus
Shoreham Castle Major
Shortwood Major
Shouldham Major
Should "of" Been a Minor
Shoveller Minor
Shrewley Minor
Shrewsbury Maximus
Shrove Major
Shrove Tuesday Minor
Siam Major
Sibthorpe Minor
Siege of Kenilworth Minor
Silicon Minor
Silkstone Minor
Silkstone Millennium Minor
Silk Willoughby Major
Silver Major
Silverstream Minor
Simon Minor
Sipora Major
Sir Francis Drake's St Budeaux Minor
Sir Nicholas Winton Minor
Sir Ronald Matthews Minor
Sisland Major
Sivan Major
Sixcent Major
Sjambok Major
Skibbereen Minor
Skiddaw Major
Skipton Minor
Skopje Major
Slack Bottom Major
Slack Top Major
Sleaford Major
Sleepy Minor
Slievekimalta Minor
Slippery When Wet Minor
Sloman Cross Major
Smarden Minor
Smithfield Maximus
Smythson Royal
Snaefell Minor
Snai Major
Sneck Lifter Major
Sneezy Minor
Snodland Major
Snowball Major
Snowden Major
Snowdrop Major
Snow Tiger Maximus
Snow White Minor
Soave Major
Soave Royal
Sodium Minor
Sofia Major
Soixante Minor
Sole Royal
Somerton Minor
Somerton Royal
Something Easy Minor
Something Interesting Minor
Something Not Terribly Original Minor
Sookholme Minor
Soulbury Minor
Southam Major
South Dakota Major
Southdown Maximus
South East Iceland Royal
South Utsire Royal
Southwark Minor
Southwell Major
Spalding Major
Spark Bottom Royal
Sparky Major
Sparrowhawk Major
Sparta Major
Sphene Minor
Spinal Tap Major
Spinning Jennie Royal
Spion Kop Minor
Spitalfields Major
Spitalfields Royal
Spitalfields Maximus
Spitalfields Festival Major
Spitalfields Festival Little Major
Spitfire Major
Spitsbergen Major
Spondon Minor
Springbok Major
Springstone Minor
Sprotborough Minor
Sproxcheston Major
Sproxton Major
SRCY Major
Stairway to Heaven Major
Stale Beer Minor
Stamford Bridge Royal
Standedge Major
Stanedge Minor
Stanhope Minor
Stanley Royal
Stanmore Major
Stannum Minor
Stapleford Major
Staplehurst Royal
Star of Bethlehem Minor
Starshine Major
Staunton Minor
Staveley Minor
Staverton Minor
Staythorpe Minor
Steveleigh Major
Stibium Minor
Stirling Minor
Stisted Minor
Stob Binnein Royal
Stob Coire Easain Minor
Stocksfield Major
Stockwith Minor
Stoke Poges Major
'Stone Minor
Stoneystanton Major
Stony Wood Minor
Stortford Royal
Stowting Minor
Stranton Royal
Strata Florida Minor
Stratfield Mortimer Major
Strathmoor Minor
Stratton St Margaret Major
Strawberry Line Major
Strines Minor
Strontium Minor
Studley Royal Royal
Stybarrow Dodd Major
Subfusc Royal
Suffolk Minor
Sully Minor
Sulphur Minor
Summerville Major
Sumorsaete Ealle Major
Sunderland Major
Sunniside Major
Sunny Minor
Sussex Major
Sutterton Major
Sutton-cum-Lound Major
Sutton on the Hill Minor
Sutton Place Minor
Swanbourne Minor
Swanmore Major
Swansea Minor
Swavesey Major
Swervin' Mervyn's Major
Swillington Major
Swindon Major
Swindon Village Minor
Swinton Major
Swynnerton Minor
Symphony Minor
Syston Major

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