MINUTES of the 3rd session of the 26th Council (71st Annual Meeting) held at the Giffard Hotel, Worcester, on Tuesday, June 4th, 1968.

The President, Canon A. G. G. Thurlow, was in the chair.

The Council was welcomed by the Mayor (Cclr. R. W. Morris, J.P.), the Bishop of Worcester (the Rt. Rev. L. M. Charles-Edwards), the Dean of Worcester (the Very Rev. R. L. P. Milburn) as President of the Worcestershire and Districts Association, and the Master (Mr. W. B. Cartwright).


Life members.- Canon A. G. G. Thurlow, Messrs. V. Bottomley, F. W. Perrens, F. Sharpe, E. A. Barnett, J. F. Smallwood.

Honorary members.- Mrs. E. A. Barnett, Mrs. V. Bottomley, Mrs. R. F. B. Speed, Messrs. F. E. Collins, J. L. Garner-Hayward, F. E. Haynes, D. Hughes, C. K. Lewis, H. N. Pitstow, G. W. Pipe, H. L. Roper, E. C. Shepherd, R. F. B. Speed, T. W. White.

Ancient Society of College Youths.- Mr. W. T. Cook, Group Captain J. S. Mason, Mr. W. Williams.
Australian and New Zealand Association.- Mr. P. M. J. Gray.
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association.- Messrs. J. H. Gilbert, E. Naylor, A. H. Reed.
Bedfordshire Association.- Messrs. J. H. Edwards, A. E. Rushton.
Beverley and District Ringing Society.- Mr. R. Ducker.
Cambridge University Guild.- Dr. C. M. P. Johnson, Mr. B. D. Threlfall.
Chester Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. H. O. Baker, A. R. Elkins, A. J. Martin.
Coventry Diocesan Guild.- Mrs. D. E. Beamish, Mr. H. Windsor.
Cumberland and North Westmorland Association.- Mr. G. Tembey.
Derbyshire Association.- Messrs. G. A. Halls, M. P. Phipps.
Devon Association.- Mr. B. E. Bartlett.
Dudley and District Guild.- Mr. M. J. Fellows.
Durham and Newcastle Association.- Messrs. K. Arthur, D. A. Bayles.
Ely Diocesan Association.- Messrs. J. G. Gipson, E. H. Mastin, H. S. Peacock.
Essex Association.- Dr. J. Armstrong, Messrs. F. B. Lufkin, J. E. G. Roast.
Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association.- Messrs. A. L. Barry, W. B. Kynaston, J. R. Taylor, C. A. Wratten.
Guildford Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. D. A. R. May, J. F. M. Maybrey, W. H. Viggers.
Guild of Devonshire Ringers.- Mr. D. R. Bould, Miss B. M. Boyle, Mr. N. Mallett, Rev. J. G. M. Scott.
Hereford Diocesan Guild.- Rev. M. Hart, Mr. C. A. Lewis, Mr. A. T. Wingate.
Hertford County Association.- Messrs. W. Ayre, B. M. Barker, R. G. Bell, G. Dodds.
Irish Association.- Messrs. F. E. Dukes, J. T. Dunwoody.
Kent County Association.- Messrs. P. A. Corby, T. Cullingworth, S. Jenner, I. H. Oram.
Ladies' Guild.- Miss J. Beresford, Miss D. E. Colgate, Mrs. P. J. Staniforth.
Lancashire Association.- Messrs. A. Capstick, C. Crossthwaite, J. P. Partington, F. Reynolds.
Leicester Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. S. Burton, J. M. Jelley, P. J. Staniforth, B. G. Warwick.
Lincoln Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. J. Bray, G. E. Feirn, J. Freeman, J. L. Millhouse.
Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association.- Mrs. D. J. King, Mr. T. M. Roderick.
London County Association.- Mr. A. D. Barker, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Rogers, Mr. W. G. Wilson.
Middlesex County Association.- Messrs. F. T. Blagrove, G. W. Critchley, T. J. Lock, Miss R. M. Foreman.
Midland Counties Guild.- Mr. J. W. Cotton.
National Police Guild.- Mr. N. S. Bagworth.
North Staffordshire Association.- Messrs. R. S. Anderson, C. S. Ryles.
North Wales Association.- Dr. E. V. Woodcock.
Norwich Diocesan Association.- Messrs. P. M. Adcock, H. W. Barrett, F. N. Golden, N. V. Harding.
Oxford Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. W. Butler, N. J. Diserens, F. C. Price, P. Walker.
Oxford Society.- Mr. F. A. H. Wilkins.
Oxford University Society.- Messrs. S. J. Ivin, D. J. Roaf.
Peterborough Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. E. Billings, J. H. Bluff, J. Linnell.
Railwayman's Guild.- Mr. E. J. Franklin.
St. Martin's Guild, Birmingham.- Messrs. J. A. Ainsworth, G. E. Fearn.
Salisbury Diocesan Guild.- Rev. R. Keeley, Messrs. J. T. Barrett, G. H. Harding, G. S. Morris.
Sheffield and District Society.- Mr. N. Chaddock.
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths.- Messrs. D. Beresford, W. H. Dobbie, K. Newman, D. E. Sibson.
Society of Sherwood Youths.- Mr. G. A. Dawson.
South Derbyshire and North Leicestershire Association.- Mr. J. E. Collins.
Southwell Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. W. L. Exton, H. Poyner.
Staffordshire Archdeaconry Society.- Messrs. M. W. Fairey, B. G. Key, C. M. Smith.
Suffolk Guild.- Messrs. T. N. J. Bailey, H. W. Egglestone, C. W. Pipe.
Surrey Association.- Messrs. A. P. Cannon, S. F. W. Kimber, A. Streeter.
Sussex County Association.- Messrs. G. Francis, R. W. R. Percy, A. V. Sheppard, W. L. Weller.
Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Guild.- Mr. G. I. Lewis.
Truro Diocesan Guild.- Messrs. W. C. Boucher, A. J. Davidson, A. Locke.
Universities Association.- Miss M. R. Cross.
University of Bristol Society.- Dr. T. P. Edwards.
University of London Society.- Mr. A. J. Frost.
Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild.- Canon K. W. H. Felstead, Messrs. A. V. Davis, J. Hartless, R. R. Savory.
Worcestershire and Districts Association.- Messrs. B. C. Ashford, D. Beacham, A. J. Brazier, W. B. Cartwright.
Yorkshire Association.- Messrs. W. E. Critchley, E. Hudson, W. F. Moreton, J. Seager.

Report as to Membership.

The hon. secretary reported that 62 Societies were affiliated with 166 members. The rules provided for 24 honorary members, and there were seven life members, making a total membership of 197. There were four vacancies among honorary members. Subscriptions were all paid.

Apologies for absence.

These were received from Messrs. B. Austin, F. M. Bowers, D. R. Carlisle, J. D. Clarke, G. W. Fletcher, F. I. Hairs, B. E. Jeffrey, H. J. Sanger, Miss H. G. Snowden, Messrs. E. J. Sterland, L. Stilwell, P. L. Taylor, C. G. J. Watts, F. A. White, E. F. Willcox.

Application for Affiliation.

Society of Sherwood Youths. This was accepted.

New Members.

The following were greeted by the President: Messrs. G. A. Dawson (Society of Sherwood Youths), G. Francis (Sussex County Association), S. F. W. Kimber (Surrey Association).

Election of Life Member.

It was resolved that Mr. T. W. White (Editor of "The Ringing World") be elected in recognition of his work in that capacity.

Election of Honorary Members.

It was resolved that the following be re-elected: Mrs. E. A. Barnett, Messrs. B. Austin, J. Betjeman, F. E. Collins, C. K. Lewis, W. A. Osborn and H. L. Roper, and that Mr. J. R. Mayne be elected.

Losses through Death.

The President reported the deaths of the following, and the usual silence was observed:-


The minutes of the Nottingham meeting, as published in "The Ringing World" of February 16th, 1968, and amended on March 1st, were adopted.

Report and Accounts.

The following were adopted:


Amendment of Rule 17:-

It was resolved that the word "four" be substituted for "five" in the fourth line.


It was resolved that the following be added to the Decisions of the Council:-

(1) In the case of Doubles only a variation be defined as the use in a plain method only of calls other than the standard calls for that method. The resulting bobbed or singled lead must not by itself constitute a plain lead of another method. Each variation to be given its own name.

(2) The variation must by itself be capable of producing the 120 true changes. Peal reports must draw a clear distinction between methods and variations, either by separate listing, or, for example, "Plain Bob, New Bob, Old Variation, Eynsham Variation, etc."

(3) One variation with one or more methods, or two or more variations with or without methods, may be rung in one extent, provided that the plain courses of all the variations and methods in the extent are different from each other, and that there is included at least one of each of the plain lead and different calls for each of the different variations and methods rung in the extent.

(4) The arrangement or composition (as the case may be) of record multi-method (or multi-method variation peals in the case of Doubles only) shall be submitted to the Editor of "The Ringing World" at the same time that the peal is submitted, and shall be published in "The Ringing World" before the 31st January in the following year.


The following were adopted, subject to the qualifications where noted:-

In the case of the Methods Committee, note was taken of the report given in "The Ringing World" of May 24th, 1968, page 402, on the subject of "splicing" which was referred to the Committee at the 1967 Council meeting.

Future Meetings.

It was resolved that the 1969 meeting at St. Albans be held on Tuesday, May 27th.

The invitation to hold the 1970 meeting in Yorkshire was accepted.

Votes of Thanks.

The Council expressed its gratitude to the Mayor of Worcester, the Bishop of Worcester, the President and Master of the Worcestershire and Districts Association, together with their officers, and particularly Mr. D. Beacham, the honorary general secretary, for all the excellent arrangements. Thanks were also expressed to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral and to all the incumbents who had placed their bells at the disposal of the members of the Council.

The Mayor and Corporation of Worcester entertained the Council to tea after the meeting.

Wholly represented42112-
Partly represented133416
Not represented5-5


Life members71
Honorary members137


Hon. Secretary and Treasurer.

The Ringing World, February 7, 1969, pages 100 to 101

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